Most orgasms in a 24-hour period??  

jagnawn 47M/47F
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3/4/2006 8:39 pm

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Most orgasms in a 24-hour period??

Early in our relationship, we went on a weekend getaway to the beach. This was our first trip together. At the time, we both lived with our parents. Needless to say, we hardly left the hotel all weekend. On the way home, we had fun tallying the number of orgasms. For one 24-hour period... HER: 17, HIM: 5. We slept the whole flight back.

How about you? And what was the story behind it?
4 or less
5 to 9
10 to 14
15 or more

Sorceror07 55M

3/4/2006 9:31 pm

8 and 24 (she lost count after that) ...i slept the whole next day and woke up in time for dinner lol!

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

circleOFlife2 43M
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3/4/2006 9:49 pm

welp, i guess you could say, we were tryin to have fun. We planned a trip to a cottage at bottom of ski resort. Started off as a ski trip and then...while we drove up there...she unzipped my fly and oh my. I couldn't concentrate on the road. I had to keep up with the leader and the people in the back seat of my car ( a four door sedan ) put a bed spread to separate the car in two. She 17, I 18, decided to play while driving 80+mph...I unzipped he pants and found her hot spot and she started sucking. Now i felt really really awckward and jittery and excited going 90+mph while she worked me! Plus, the leader was driving really really crazy and swirving and sharply turning..Oh my god, i could not loose him or else we wouldn';t arrive...unfortunately i could not CUM!!! what ? did I run out or something...leader kept going FASTER & FASTER and she kept sucking MORE we arrived at cottage...and that night...WOW condom 1 used...i didn't last 15 minutes tops... over and over but wait ...for that 24hour time period...saturday came and we woke up in bed together!...and she woke me bye playing with my peter! on came condom #?(lost count) ...first position that morning, HER ON TOP RIDING RIDING position...ME ON TOP ...DOING was very quiet for some reason...but i knew she liked it!... OMG(oh my god) we KEPT DOING IT...CUM...DOING IT ... CUM ... DOING IT ...CUM ... BANG CUM...replacing comdoms and positions!...i was in a serious HIGH!...jesus the rush...NEW POSITION and then NIGHT CAME...AND OH SHIT I RAN OUT OF CONDOMS AND WE IN A NEW TOWN AND FAR FROM A CITY...then went to friends room and ask to borrow his box of unused condoms...i took all his NINE... so yes it was a quiet saturday but it was the best god damn saturday i ever experienced! she looked sooo gooooood!!!..WE DID NOT EAT FOOD THE ENTIRE DAY!? now to some educated people this must sound like, repeat and crazy or u got problems...but i tell you what, I still did not do her in EVERY POSITION ...i donnot know all the positions!!!... so that night...around 12pm, she was on top of me and i heard noise outside and we were in the dark...i was in the middle of it AGAIN!!! and friends tried to invade our room but the door was locked! they tried to enter in the bathroom...and i opened door and they had a cam recorder and a bucket of water...threw water on me and she was nude under covers... and i slammed the doors on locked..if i try to count how many times we did it, i will try...we had soooo much fun and if i could do that again, i would be a champion...
1 box of condums? 10 or 15? 7? plus a friends strip of nine unused condums?
i think that would be sixteen! or nineteen TIMES we did IT ...OMG...LORD WHAT A DAY!
I recommend it to any adrenaline junkies or ppl who like sex!!..

rm_WickedFemale 63F
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3/7/2006 6:53 pm

Being a squirter.....enough to drown a mattress, his floor and him.....he called me his little water fall....
for him.....6 times

jagnawn 47M/47F
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3/21/2006 7:51 pm

Socerer - details, details!!

Circle - you can play with your condoms, you can play with your friends. But playing with your friends condoms takes friendship to another level.

Wicked - can you say "dehydration"?

circleOFlife2 43M
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4/22/2006 1:39 am

the friend was an indian friend whos parents were doctors. The cottage was a three story setup. one bedroom on top and a tv room and kitchen on middle and below a two bedroom setup w/ adjoining bathroom. Turns out , that me and my girlfriend where not really getting into love since she was in-experienced so we hit the next best thing. SEX!. I had bought her a RED one piece silk outfit and she wore that thing the minute we loaded the suitcases onto our room. she wanted me so badly that by the time i dropped the suitcases on the floor of the room and did not un-pack, she had undressed into the red one-piece silk outfit and climbed on top of me.

As for my indian friend, he had a cuter girlfriend who was white as snow and with blond hair but i think she was cuter. Since she was more the serious type, they did not have sex and when i found them, they were "talking". I begged and found he did have a box of un-used condoms. Now , only reason i used the condoms was so i did not have to try to miss the pregnancy. to be honest, that happened really fast.5,7,10, 16, mins...

I think my friend was unsure of marrying this american girl and well... she looked hot to me...I think my black girlfriend was such a studios person that she enjoyed the time away from the hours and hours and hours of reading books to go and have sex with me.

We concluded our relationship bye breaking up and for some reason we were lost of words. We saw each other at a party one day after and she laughed because we were in same room but...she was always to quiet for me to read her mind. I will never try to read a girls/ladies mind again...

forever single... to be continued in a movie or something...

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