Homecoming... Part 5  

jagnawn 47M/47F
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5/21/2006 6:32 pm
Homecoming... Part 5

As you were playing with our pussies, Steph and I decided to straddle your legs and have you suck each of our nipples. Of course, you were enjoying this. Your hands were still buried in our wet pussies and I was grinding on your hand.

On the bed, Anne, Brent and Alan were going full force. Anne was a willing play toy being between the both of them. She was sucking Alan as Brent was fucking her ass. She was moaning hard and you could hear her grunt every once in a while. It was really hot.

Back to our scene. As Steph and I were straddling your legs, we were each kissing you with long, deep, hard kisses. It was so erotic. I decided to move out of the way and moved Steph over onto your cock. You both were in awe. You looked at me and I smiled back. Steph began riding you slowly at first and then she was rocking back and forth. You had her breasts in your mouth and were having the time of your life. I sat back to watch you guys for a while and also to watch the scene on the bed.

Brent and Alan switched places and Anne was sitting on Brent's face and Alan was sucking Brent again! It was so cool watching this live. Alan would suck Brent's cock and move down to his balls and down to his ass and back up again. This lasted for a good 15 minutes, but seemed like seconds. You were watching this as well, with Steph still on your cock.

Then I decided to tun my attention to you and Steph and you guys were going at it hard. I don't think you realized I was still there. Since she was straddling you and you were sitting up, I decided to go down between your legs and suck your balls. This surprised you. You tensed up to begin with and then relaxed knowing what was happening. I started slowly licking each of your balls and gently massaging one at a time in my hot, wet mouth. You scooted to the edge of the couch to allow me more access. I let my wet mouth lube your balls until they slipped in and out of my mouth with ease. I then started lifting your balls and letting my saliva drip down to your ass. Once I felt your ass was wet enough, I started licking your ass and every once in a while my tongue would slip into your asshole. It was so tight and tasted so sweet.

Anne, Brent and Alan were still going at it...But, when I turned to see what they were up to, Alan had his cock in Brent's ass and Brent's cock was as hard as anything I've ever seen. Anne was jacking him off, slowly, as she was still riding his face. Alan's expression was total ecstacy as he slowly fucked Brent's ass. Brent took nearly all of Alan's cock and their moans and groans were enough to drive anyone crazy. Everything in that room screamed sex and no one was ready to quit yet.

I re-focused my energy on your balls and slowly slipped a wet finger into your ass. You slid your ass all the way on my finger and I slowly fucked you as you still were buried deep into Steph. I know how hard you get when something is up your ass, so I when Steph screamed, I knew she felt how hard you could get...

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