Homecoming... Part 3  

jagnawn 47M/47F
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5/16/2006 11:57 am
Homecoming... Part 3

We arrived at the hotel room and waited for our friends to arrive. We had a king sized bed and planned on using every bit of it. We also had a couch in the room which we thought was great in case people were pairing up or wanted to separate from the group.

We each took a shower to get "fresh" for our guests. About 20 minutes after we arrived there was a knock at the door. We were already excited and the knock got me wet and you very hard.

Anne and Brent along with Steph and Alan (the couple from the club) walked in and they all looked ready for action. Steph and Alan admitted it was their first time at the club and had a really good time, but were ready to fulfill more fantasies. Everyone giggled.

We started mixing drinks to loosen everyone up and we were recanting our time at the club. Anne and Steph had spoken about first bi experiences and stated they would like to see what it was like with a "girl only" session. I said we could do that now...let the guys sit back and watch.

Anne, Steph and I went to the bed and started making out with each other, slowly disrobing and licking each body part as it was exposed. You guys were very pleased with what was happening and kept encouraging us to go further.

Eventually we were naked and on the bed. Anne wanted to go down on me since I was kind enough to give her her first bi orgasm...she was nervous, but easily lowered herself between my legs and immediately started sucking my clit. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I knew my pussy was soaking wet from that moment on. Steph was kissing my nipples and every once in a while, she would rub her breasts on my face, stopping to allow me to suck her nipples. They were so soft. I told her to sit on my face, I wanted to taste her pussy. She didn't hesitate. Before I knew it, she was on my face and my tongue was deep inside her. I was fucking her with my tongue and she started bouncing up and down on my tongue. I didn't have to move my tongue anymore, she just kept moaning and I could feel her rub her clit. Anne was fully into my pussy. She kept asking you guys how it looked and she got a lot of "oh god" and "beautiful" and "sexy as hell" from all of you.

Steph came on my face as soon as she heard your answers and I soon came too...all over Anne's face. She never moved and totally had all my juices on her face. She finally brought her body on top of mine and we made out forever, me licking my juices off her face as she tasted Steph all on mine.

We finally looked over to the guys and noticed all of you had taken your clothes off and were jacking each other off. Very Hot!! Then we told you that it was your turn...

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