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Showtime Con't

(For thouse of u who have read the 1st half sorry for the long wait for the rest, for thouse of u who haven't yet read the 1st half u might want to it's titled Showtime!!!)

They (JP & S)continued to watch the movie for a few moments, each just in their underwear. The couple had changed positions again, with the woman straddling the man, her back to him, but facing the camera. She moved up and down on his large cock, gasping each time he entered her fully. The man's hand joined in on the action, gently nudging her clit while her pussy moved up and down on his pole. "So, let's see if you're enjoying this," JP said slyly as her hand crept down S's belly, then reached into his underwear. Beginning to stroke S's very hard cock, JP said, "Yep, we have proof that this works for you." "Okay, and why don't we check on your reaction," S said as he slid his hand into JP's panties, through her pubic hair, his middle finger running along her slit until it reached the bottom... and found a very warm, very wet, very open hole. Dabbing the finger just barely inside, S said, "And I think it's working for you, too." Then he slid his now wet finger back up the slit, and began to lightly trace circles around JP's clit. Her response was a very pleased "Mmmmm." S & JP helped each other out of their underwear, so they now sat fully naked, & both very aroused, playing with each other as they watched the movie. JP continued to fondle S's cock, sometimes with a firm grip, other times just tickling it & his balls. S alternated between putting a finger inside JP's pussy, & lightly massaged her clit. They watched like this as the good-looking couple on screen continued to change positions. There were a variety of shots that captured the action, including a few close-ups of a cock sliding in & out of a very wet, very puffy pussy. S, thinking JP might not enjoy such a graphic display, glanced over at her, but found her riveted on the action. In fact, they were both heating up pretty quickly. JP was really stroking him forcefully now, & with this added visual stimulation, S felt himself beginning to build toward an orgasm. But he wasn't ready for it yet. "Whoa, you mind slowing down there a second?" he gasped to JP. JP released her grip on him, but there was no question she was full-steam-ahead on the orgasm track. Her legs were spread as wide as possible now, as S continued massaging her clit. JP's hips began to rock with his rubbing, as little tingles of electricity began to shoot through her loins. Her breathing grew heavier, & she let out unconscious little "oohs," every few seconds as the pressure continued building. S focused his attention on JP, even as she continued to watch the couple fucking on screen. Now the moans of the lovely JP matched those of the actress on screen, her hip rocking became more forceful, her eyes lost focus, & with a series of little grunts, she finally exploded in orgasm, all the pressure turning into pleasure as it flowed throughout her body, and S moving two fingers into her pussy so she'd have something to clamp down on as the muscles inside went into spasm. "Whew," said JP after several moments, having finally caught her breath, "I don't usually come that hard from just a finger." "Well now that we've gotten things rolling, you want me to shut this off?" S asked. "No, no, now it's your turn," said JP, starting to crawl down the bed toward S's hard cock. Taking his rod in her hand, JP began to plant gentle kisses on its head. Then she gave it little licks. Then she engulfed the head in her mouth, swirling her tongue all around. JP allowed extra saliva to accumulate, and used it as a lubricant for her hand that she began to pump up and down and twist on S's aching cock. JP looked up from her work, and saw that S's brown eyes were on her. "Watch the movie," JP said. "Enjoy it." S wasn't going to argue, so he turned his attention to the TV while JP turned her attention to his cock. And ironically enough the action on screen was exactly what was happening in the bedroom, as an actress was currently licking & sucking some actor's cock. S managed to get JP's attention, & pointed her toward the screen. Chuckling at the serendipity of the situation, JP began to do to S exactly what was happening in the movie. When the porno actress sucked, JP sucked. When the actress licked, JP licked. When actress ran her tongue down the length of his cock & began to lick his balls, JP did the same. On the screen, the actress began to play with her pussy as she blew the guy. "Yeah, yeah, do that too," S gasped, as nothing turned him on more than watching JP do herself. JP adjusted her position so her pussy faced back at S, then slid her free hand down & began to twiddle herself. S couldn't believe the way his senses were being overloaded. The incredible pleasure JP was giving his cock, the images on the TV, & now his gorgeous babe wide open just inches from him, her fingers spreading her pussy lips & prodding her clit. The pressure was really building for S, & he was fighting to hold back. JP kept sneaking peeks at the TV as well, & found herself heating up all over again. Sparks were once more emanating from her clit, as the sight of a cock being sucked, as well as the big beautiful one she had in her mouth, were really turning her on. "God I hope this guy comes soon," S gasped, his hips now rocking slightly. "Me too," JP managed to mumble. And just then the actor did, which was like a dam bursting open for both S & JP. The come in S's rod released, shooting powerfully from his cock in rhythmic bursts, sending pleasure waves up his torso & down his legs. JP too was almost knocked over by the orgasm that engulfed her, grunting as her body tensed, then letting out a huge sigh as it relaxed. It had come on her so quickly - she had never climaxed twice in short period of time. Both out of breath, JP & S snuggled back together on the bed, facing the TV. They were so spent that neither could really even focus their eyes on the screen - not that they cared what was happening on it at the moment anyway. S offered once more to turn the movie off, but JP merely lowered the volume. "We've still got one more thing to do," she said with a smile. Then, lightly touching his slowly deflating cock, JP added "And I expect this guy to be up & ready." S just smiled & shook his head. JP & S spent a few minutes relaxing together, completely ignoring the action on the screen. "So, I guess seeing those other guys' cocks really turns you on," S said in a light way. "No, it's actually all the girls' pussies," JP said evenly. S quickly looked over in surprise, & JP broke into a big smile. "I'm just kidding. It's all a big turn-on really," JP continued. "I wouldn't want to make porn the center of the our sex life, but it's nice every once in a while." "Good, good," S replied. Then, pointing at the screen, "Just so you're not wishing my cock was as big as that guy's." JP checked out the TV. "You kidding me?" she said, "yours is at least that big. And come on, none of these guys has a back as good as yours. Or looks as good wearing a silk boxers."
JP & S chatted for a few minutes, but gradually their attention turned back to the movie that continued to play. On screen, a man & a woman seemed to be the only people working out late one night in a gym. The woman lay back on a bench to press some weights, while the man stood nearby to guide her. And wouldn't you know it, within moments her hands were off the weight machine and in his skimpy shorts, while he was pulling aside her tiny leotard to begin licking her pussy. As satiated as JP & S may have been, this action began to get their blood boiling again. JP reached out for S's soft cock, but the combination of her gentle touch, the visual stimulation from the movie, and the fact he now had his fingers working JP's pussy soon had S hard again. For JP, holding her man, watching the weight-lifter girl get eaten out, & the delightful touch of T's finger on her clit had her juices flowing as well. They continued to watch & manually play with each other for a few moments, until S started to lick his way down JP's body toward her pussy. "Wait, I've got an idea," JP said. She pushed S back so he lay flat, then turned herself around as she straddled him. Then she pushed herself back toward his face so her pussy came down right on his mouth. Then she leaned forward, & once more engulfed S's hard cock in her mouth. It wasn't easy for S to breathe with JP's pussy jammed into his face like this, but he wasn't going to complain. And he loved how it felt for JP to blow him from this straight-on angle, as her hand once again pumped up & down on him. Sitting up like this over S wasn't the best way for JP to get licked, but it still felt great, gave her fabulous access to his cock, & also allowed her to watch the movie a bit. Both JP & S kept peeking at the screen while pleasuring their partner. When the guy in the movie lay flat on the bench, & the woman straddled him with her back to his face & began to ride his cock, nothing had to even said between JP & S. JP released S's cock from her mouth, pulled her pussy away from his face, & moved down his body, her hot, sopping pussy tracing a trail from his chest to his belly to his groin. She was so wet & so ready that she slid his cock right into her in one easy motion, feeling him fill her like never before. For S, it felt like his cock had become encased in warm honey, every square centimeter of his skin bathed by a pleasure solution. Just like the actress, JP now began to bounce up & down on S's cock. All the way up until it almost came out, then all the way back down in one breath-taking stroke. Up & down, up & down, up & down. S reached out, using one hand to fondle JP's breasts, the other to gently massage her clit that poked from her wide open slit. Every stroke filled JP to capacity - it felt like S's cock was way up into her chest. For S, each stroke brought incredible feelings of pleasure perfection - she was so warm, & wet, & embracing. On the screen, the two actors had moved into a different position, but S & JP had lost interest. All they cared about now was each other. Up & down, JP's greedy pussy grasping & releasing S's surging cock. In & out, feeling like it was going deeper & deeper with every stroke. The two lovers, so completely connected, becoming one body & one soul & one heartbeat. JP's breathing changed, got more ragged, & deeper. Now she was moaning, & groaning, & muttering. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, little more..." S felt the come massing in his cock, as he too was letting out moans of pleasure as he fought for air. The pressure built for both of them, & kept building, longer than maybe it ever had before. One more stroke... Want to make it last... Just one more... And finally, as S's cock lodged deep, deep, deep inside JP, the two lovers exploded together. S shot an unending stream of come into JP; her pussy contracted over & over & over again on s's cock, as they each felt waves of warmth & pleasure & relaxation wash over their entire bodies. JP was so knocked out she couldn't hold herself upright, & collapsed back onto S. He was only too happy to have her close, so he could hold her tightly against him. Their heads next to each others, they lay still, catching their breaths. It was a couple minutes before JP even reached up & lightly ran her fingers through S's brown hair. "Whew," S finally said, "that movie was a great investment. Where'd you get it?" "Bought it online," JP said. "It was part of a package." "A package? There's more?" S asked. "Yep," JP said. "I figure tomorrow night we'll try out the new mini-massager." "Oh God," said an exhausted S, "I hope I recover in time." "You? I'm not worried in the least," JP said, & they both chuckled.

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12/5/2005 10:27 am

Nice story! A fucking good time was had by all.

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12/30/2005 12:20 am

Jade i hope you had a good Christmas and i hope you have a great New Years

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Ya right what book did you get that from.

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