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5/2/2006 5:51 am

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okay when does the line between supervisor and friend get crossed??i was having a great day yesterday..until this guy got there....i can not stand him at all!!!!!! but she likes and sticks up for the next time he does something to me..she won't believe me. so what do i do now?? she is basically giving him permission to do anything he wants,and he is the number one reason i would quit this job. so..what happens now i'm getting tired of being yelled at for his bullshit!! i have no idea what to do's been like this for a very long time and it starting to wear me out. i actually thought about quitting but i don't know. sure they are other people there that i don't like..but he does things just to make me mad. it's becoming an everyday thing now. if anyone has any ideas for me please let me know... thanks.. as always..take time to have fun and have sex!!!!!! cheers jen!!!

rm_firecapt50 61M
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5/2/2006 5:26 pm

I need a few details:
1) what is this guy to your boss?
2) Is he there for fun or business?
3) Does your friend own the business or have any other ties to
company management or ownership?

That's a start. Maybe we can figure something out.


j20652 45F

5/2/2006 8:41 pm

okay 1..he is just another employee.2.he does not know what hard work is he;s only he does not. we work at hutch hospital together. does this help you at all??

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