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9/11/2006 7:18 am

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Soapbox Propaganda

WTF. There is so much controversy going around about the new Survivor. It appears this season groups will be divided into race. There will be a Hispanic group, Caucasian, African American and Asian American. I know there are people looking at this as a “which race is superior” contest. Personally I think it is an interesting idea. I’m for it. If the Asian A’s win I’m not going to be bummed out and think that they are superior to me. Likewise I will not think Caucasians are superior if they win. The whole race thing is not a big deal until someone makes it a big deal.
What really gives me the red ass is when civil rights activists use situations like this to pull out there soapbox and start giving speeches. If you don’t make it a big deal it just may not be a big deal. Stop all the right wing propaganda. Should we stop the Olympics too? The Olympics is racial too. The entire world pits against each other every 4 years to see who is the best. Which country or nation is superior?
Americans blow things out of proportion. We have such a mix of views that we end up segregating ourselves from others. If one person’s view does not match our own we separate ourselves from them. Communities are separated according to race. Dayton is one of the most segregated cities in the country. How ridiculous is that?
Here is a bit of history facts for you. In the early 1900’s African A’s started buying their own homes. They began moving out of the inner city much like the rich whites. Cities were dirty and over crowded. A black family moved into a white neighborhood. Whites thought when a black family moved into their neighborhood violence along with depreciation in property value followed. Actually, when a black family moved into a white neighborhood the house and property was kept up better than the houses owned by whites. Huh, interesting. Why is that? African A’s were forced t live in the cities which were dirty and crowded so when a black family moved into their own home they appreciated it more and took care of their property. What about violence that always followed?
Violence and crime rose because of white people not black. Whites would vandalize the property of the black family by throwing rocks though windows, painting hateful messages on the houses and lawn. Often whites jumped the children of the black family. During the day white housewives would constantly make harassing calls to the black families house or constantly hang out in front of the house to harass the black family.
Am I saying that all whites were like that? No I’m not. Back then that was certainly a trend. The point I am trying to make is that sometimes we create our own problems. If whites would have welcomed the new black family would there have been and increase in crime, lower property values or uneasiness? Probably not. Our feelings often get in the way of our judgment. Leaders use our feeling to help them complete their own agenda. Hitler was a master at this.
During Germany’s economic hardships Hitler blamed the Jews for it. Was it their fault? I’m sure the relatively small Jewish population had much to do with Germany’s economic problems. The people needed someone to blame and Hitler was a Fascist who hated the Jewish people. Did Hitler really have Germany's best interests in mind? Surely not. He wanted power and dominance. I don't remember reading about any great economic plans to revitalize the country.
So before you get up on your soap box figure out if you even need to. Be leery of those who get up on that soapbox often. What are they really trying to say? Does it promote good for all or for a few? Educate yourself on a topic before forming strong opinions. Educate yourself by listening to both sides. A wise man once told me there are three sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth.

relaxitsjustse2 49M/44F

9/11/2006 7:42 am

Hmmm, holly shit batman!

A little deep for an adult sex site, but I have to say, point well made!
Question is what are you going to do about it? Are you one of those people who sit on the sidelines and let things happen, or are you one of those people who do something about it. Meaning writing it in your blog on AdultFriendFinder does get the message out there to some folks but on the bigger scale of things what do you do?

iwantyou8088 38M

9/11/2006 8:13 am

You are correct, this topic is a bit heavy for a sex site. I just want the public to know that i am not just a sex craving hole fucker. I have thoughts and ideas. I do try to reach people with my idea of moderation and education. In time I will make a huge impact on society. I will begin in Dayton, Ohio. Thanks for the comment.

relaxitsjustse2 49M/44F

9/11/2006 8:29 am

You seem like a stand up guy, thats awesome! That is why I so look forward to all of your blogs, be it of a sexual nature or not!

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