Lorna's Song  

itsneverenuf2 61F
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3/7/2006 4:05 am
Lorna's Song

Swooning in dance
It's dark now... It's quiet here, Except for my own song
Candles are glowing, as is my spirit...

Closing my eyes to sight
I can now envision you
Feel your breath on my neck
Your heartbeat and heat permeates me
Your arms embrace me and this music amplifies in my mind.
Her sweet soul takes me into other worlds and onto new plains
I long for these places in my hearts passion
I crave and I find this simply wrapped in your arms

Moving slowly we two dance
I temporarily depart my realities

Listening, I heard beyond the music to the song
And in this song awaits the wind that blew across a soul

The song is a fabric
The music is what that spirit found on her journey
I feel....obscenity is the act of listening to the songs of others.
These are intensley private places

Possibly very good music should not be shared

Passions & Pains

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