If only, cathartic mussings.  

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7/21/2006 10:46 pm

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If only, cathartic mussings.

Mood-psyche: A slow cathartic healing

I really have to remind myself that I'm one an adult sex site sometimes. From my last post, I tried to get a grip on some positive spin on the relationship I've been in the last seven months. It is a slow process, but as a friend said to me last night, I've experienced that spark that many don't have the pleasure to experience in a life time. Will I ever experience these feelings again? I truly hope so.

Should I seek them out with one dimensional sexual conquests? No, sure there is pleasure, but it is very short lived. Does an orgasm really from a mindless fuck or suck bring the world into that special place? No, just the knowledge that I can bring another person to short lived ecstasy.

What do I really want in a relationship? Someone who is not judgmental and is like-minded. An individual comfortable in their own skin. A person where trust is a two way gift that is earned and embraced. A compliment is how you enhance each other's character, abilities, and strengths on a daily basis. Thanks for stopping by.>>>itsallfun1957

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