Spit Roasting  

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7/28/2006 8:51 pm

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9/19/2007 8:31 am

Spit Roasting

Just updating about the other night. A mate of mine was over from another state and was looking for a horny fun time. I suggested that a friend of mine was willing to be spit roasted and then take cum on and in various parts o fthe body.

They showed up around and sametime so that was good and I put some porn on to get the guys into the mood of what they were here for. They seem to be taking a keen interest in the bi porn that was on.

As a starter I got one guy to get on all 4's on the bed and got my mate to eat/rim his arse out really well and took some nice pictures of the fun. The guy was by now moaning as he enjoyed being licked out in his arse,so we put some pressure on his cock aswell.

For the next 30 mins or so he layed back and enjoyed the attention. Mean while I lubed the guys arse up so I could stick my cock into him and give him a fucking as he sucked the guys cock and licked the arsehole out!

Fucking his arsehole was great but the other guy was ready to fuck him in the arse as he wanted to pound him and cum on his face. He took the position as the guy sucked my cock for his reward, the guy mounted him good and high and pushed his cock in deep!

The guy moaned like a bitch, loudly! I told him to take and to continue sucking me off, the guy slapped his arse well and hard and just continued to pump away, picking up his pace all the while ready to cum.

Long hard fast strokes upon hearing that he was to about to cum he pulled out and emptied the contents on the rubber onto the guys face. I myself was ready to blow and got him to wank/suck me and I came right on cue and big squirts of cum shot out and hit the target.

He enjoyed and cleaned it up. Be good to meet more Perth guys who are willing to be for real about their sexual fun. so please contact me only if you are that real person.


Perth wheres ur fantasy side,cum & play

rm_jed4tsPerth 42M
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10/26/2006 6:58 am

pig me at will

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