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10/20/2005 3:38 pm

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such great people in here! Wow...thanks to all you men and women who stand behind me and say "screw you jerk!" I feel a lot stronger than I did yesterday and I'm ready to fight fire with fire!

He came home last night and gave me his bullshit story of the week and now it's my turn to give back what he oh so deserves. I am meeting a friend in Vancouver for the weekend, and I told my creep lover that I need some time away with a sick aunt in Kamloops. He believed it hook line and sinker because he really does think I'm sitting around waiting for his honorable ass to come home to pathetic me...LOLOLOL. Such an ego. If he only knew my thoughts about him are all about what a horrible lover he is, how I hate his bad breath in the morning, how he eats like a pig and I want to gag every time I see this his mustache usually has some piece of shit on it and that's why I won't kiss him - that and his terrible tongue capabilities. He really ought to know these things about himself. But, he doesn't. Like I said, he thinks he is the hottest thing. No wonder he has to jump from bed to bed - no-one else would keep him around for as long as I have.

Well Goodbye jerk! Enjoy my little game because I've enjoyed yours for too long now! And no, I didn't leave you any supper in the freezer as I usually do. No, I didn't leave you a little love note or send you a card in the mail. You deserve only my contempt!

It feels so damn good to give back what he so richly deserves. How can a man with any sense of morals or decency lie so well, and then use you for only what he needs? Does he have NO CONSCIOUS about me at all? It is really hard to take.

It's over between us. 100%. But he doesn't have to know that until I'm good and ready to tell him. Let him wonder where I am and what I'm doing for a change!!! Let him worry about me (if he has it in him anyway). We shall see. What does it feel like to be on the other side of this kind of game? Well me and him are about to find out!

Wish me luck!

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