Boomer Nooners. pt 2  

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8/28/2006 3:04 am

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Boomer Nooners. pt 2

First a little background, when we started chatting she was very upfront about being in a sexually stiffled marriage. Her husbands idea of a good sex life is 1 night a week, get on top, shoot his load, go to sleep. Since that is the only area of her life that she's not satisfied with, she wants just a purely sexual deal. No dates, no romance, no making love, just to met for "LUNCH", and fuck, that's where I come in. Since this was a last min thing for us,(her regular guy canceled), I was taken completely by suprise by what was going on. She asked if we could go to the bedroom, so I pointed over my shoulder. She lead me in by the dick, stopped by the bed, undressed, pulled my pants the rest of the way down, sat down, and started sucking again, damn she gives good head. She leaned back, licked her lips, spread her legs, opened her pussy lips, and said fuck me. I love oral, so I started to go down on her, she said no, I want you to fuck me. As I eased into her she was soaking wet, she moaned as I slowly moved in and out, she was awfully tight for someone with 3 kids. After only 10 or 15 nice slow strokes she started to shutter, moan, then started pulling on her hair as she came. I eased out, knelt down, and slowly licked her soakingclit, and almost instantly she came again. I can understan why she's not satisfied at home, she's insatiable. I still am toting around a huge hard on, and she says do it again. I spread her legs as wide as I can get them, enter her again, and push in as deep as I can, she starts to squirm, and says harder. I spread my legs as wide as I can on the floor and start slamming into her as far and as hard as I can, slowly at first then faster until I was about to cum and pulled out. She crawled all the way onto the bed and told me to lay down. I lay on my back and she starts sucking again, licking every inch of my cock and getting as much in her mouth as she can hold. She stopped got on top of me, and started fucking me again, as hard and as fast as she could. I grabbed as much of those 38dd's as I could in each hand, and let her go. It didn't take long for me to unload, then she did, then she dressed and went back to work.

I wonder what she's doing for lunch today?

Like I said I'm a whore.

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