It could happen anywhere at anytime!  

PavesJingoBarbs 48M
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3/10/2005 6:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It could happen anywhere at anytime!

It could happen anywhere at anytime. While I'm just walking down the street or riding the EL (elevated metro train system in Chicago). I can be struck anytime anywhere and there is no defense. One minute I'm walking along and *BAM*. It could be as she is straining to look at the train map and extending her neck, long, beautiful.
It could be her silky shiny hair. It could be a hair style of pig tails (did I mention that pig tails drive me wild). It could be her perfectly shaped bubble butt or a wonderfully shaped voluptuous butt... squeezed into a pair of ready to explode pants. It could be the way she sweep her hair over her ear as she reads a book.

Women, they strike me almost motionless at so many
unexpected moments. No, it's not those *oh too beautiful -- I just stepped form the magazine* woman... I'm talking about *REAL* women... each with their own character... voluptuous, short, tall, prep, goth, business-woman, mother, black, white, Latina, Asian, who knows -- I don't care, you should know you are beautiful -- regular, every day all over women.

Recently, I was struck by a woman I recently saw on the EL with the most alluring lips... I have to be careful not to stare... some weirdo who leers on the train or in the street. A glance out from under my hat brim.... or I stare at a shop window but I'm gazing at a woman's freflection... or sunglasses in the summer that hide the
direction of my eyes.

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