The Whole Story...Warning it is a long One...  

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The Whole Story...Warning it is a long One...

The Story Written by a Friend the Whole Story

She stood there, watching him across the crowded club, the pulsing rhythms matching the beat of her heart in perfect sync. A scene played out many times before in existence, though one never before in hers. He was tall, and had very beautiful hands–the kind meant for stroking and manipulating various mediums. Thinking that such a pair of hands could become her body’s clothing any day.

It was a balmy night, the scent of the local jasmine and roses permeating the air and lending a heady fragrance to the sex and smoke smell of the club. Lust was a tangible element in this place. Writhing bodies in lush abandon twisting and gyrating together in an old dance. She wondered if he would dance with her.

Deciding not to waste such beautiful hands, she approached him from across the dance floor. Needing to get closer in order to see how the reception of her query would go. She wore her favorite outfit tonight; a tight black sheath dress that was backless and came to just below her knees, the spaghetti straps thin restraints against her full breasts in the plunging neckline. Why not she thought to herself, not everyday you got to wear a dress like this. Her only other adornments were her wild hair, silver jewelry and her favorite pair of garters; opting for no panties as it was such a hot night.

Gliding across the floor in her open toed high-heeled shoes, her red toenails gleaming in the dance floor lights, she decided to make her first move, attempting to capture a glance between eyes. She had never really done this kind of seduction before, wanting someone immediately and deciding to take it. It felt liberating and very arousing, lending a heated flush to her already full breasts and caused her nipples to pucker and strain against the soft black fabric of her dress.

Licking her lips in anticipation while crossing the floor she glanced at him again, only to see him staring intently at her aroused nipples straining for him inside her dress; knowing he knew it was for him that they smiled and pouted.

Watching his eyes as she crossed he lifted them from her heaving breasts, she stared into deep perusing mysteries. Wondering if what she saw in his eyes was real or a figment of her much overdone imagination. Having seen him put his drink down and excuse himself to his friend beside him, he took a step forward and waited. His eyes pierced hers with clarity and purpose; sending messages of decadent exploration yet to come. Stopping in front of him she opened her mouth to ask him to dance, only to have him place his finger over her lips and keep it there a second; his fingers traced her soft lips in gentle exploration. Taking her hand he led her to the dance floor. A pulsing version of Gabriel’s "In Your Eyes" played on the speakers almost not heard over the pounding intensity of her heart.

Taking her in his arms he pulled her close; his one hand on the small of her back, while his thumb traced delicate patterns on her bare skin, his other hand interlocked with hers. Breathless she looked up into his feasting eyes, saw her own feelings mirrored there, and gave into the swaying sensual rhythm of his moving body, hip to hip, breast to chest.

Leaning close to her ear he whispered a message: I know you, my body knows you, you can no more deny this feeling of us than you can breath in your body. I WILL have you this eve, but not until you are so wet and aroused you can barely walk. Inhaling a sharp breath, she looked up into his eyes and sent a message of her own. Leaning in close to his ear she whispered: I am already wet, my legs are shaking, and I am not wearing any panties, just my black silk garters.

Having heard his sharp hissing intake of breath and having had the tangibility of his response against her mound, she leaned in close once again and said: I know you will have me tonight, but don’t forget, I too will have YOU! She took his hand and held it against her breast, the music pulsing and moving over them, placed his palm over her hard nipple, rubbing his hand over her breast with her own and let him feel her pounding heart as well as her pebbly aroused state.

Waiting to see what he would do next, she leaned back and looked into his eyes, trying to see who would be the leader into this odyssey. Who would take the first step to leave the confines of social safety, and explore the full realm of dark and feral passion? There was energy charged pause as they stood there and watched each other. Slowly, a look of determination crossed the stranger’s eyes.

Removing his hand from her back, he turned her around slowly, brushing the pads of his fingers along her sensitive skin as she spun slowly around, his hand now coming to rest on her fluttering stomach. Pulling gently back, he brought her buttocks flush to his thighs, evidence of his acute arousal pressed oh so hotly into the small of her back, making her gasp with the intense heat of his sex. He then began to move, slowly setting a rhythm of intense pleasure in time with the swaying music. He made her feel like one giant ball of sensation, her hot skin was flushed with the need to touch and be touched. He splayed his hand on her belly and swayed with the movements of her own hips in this primal dance that was more than just a dance. He moved in a different direction on the dance floor, taking her somewhere. Her eyes had been closed, in an attempt to perceive all of the feelings stirring inside of her. Having opened her eyes to his command, she noticed the full mirrored wall of the dance floor was now in front of them. Looking at the vision in front of her she could not believe that the picture of the woman in front of herself.

Looking into the captured scene on the mirror, and the intense and hungry look in his eyes, she saw the raw beauty of two people caught in a dance of connection, power and fate. She took her hands that were hung by her sides, brought them around behind him, and grasped his thighs with her long nails; holding on to whatever shred of sanity was left. She felt she would soon to be shattered into oblivion. The music changed to a faster tempo, but their bodies remained in slow driving rhythm. Moving together like liquid honey pouring, the sounds of primal Enigma led their passions on an auditory journey, as well as a physical one.

Deciding to get into the game, and slowly bending forward, she fisted her hands in her hair as she moved her buttocks a pulsing rhythm against his hot erection. Not having seen, but sensing his acute reaction to her bold move, she looked over her shoulder to catch his face in her glance, his hands now on her hips and his eyes closed in a private thought. Lost to a moment within himself and the pleasure he was feeling he had his head tipped back. Standing upright again, she slowly began to turn in his arms, never ceasing with her lustrous movements, and danced in wicked delight around his body. Coming up in behind him, she realized she was now in the driver’s seat for a moment.

Placing her hands on his hips, she pressed close and blew against the back of his neck, while slowly running her hands up his sides, to his shoulders, and then turned him around. Pushing back a bit, she began to dance. Her body in movement with the tribal beat, her hands roaming over her own body, letting him see what she wanted done; how she wanted to be stroked, petted, invaded. Never losing contact with those lustrous eyes of his she thought of one word: magnetic. That was the only word to describe his eyes; it was like staring into a sensual abyss of emotional upheaval. Drowned in sublime realization of a perfect moment in time, it was amazing to her, this out of body experience she was having. She did not care if anyone else in the room saw the dance that was being played out in free abandon.

Closing her eyes, she gave up to whatever was about to happen. Knowing that in this lifetime people dreamed of such a mystical connection on this earthly plane. It was written in sonnets, poetry and a thousand novels; here it was reality, truth defined in a single glance.

She opened her eyes, her breathing heavy, and she moved with the tempo change in the music. The erotic driving rhythm of the song flowing in her blood, making her body pound out a feral message of want and need. He was standing still watching her. Frozen in the mirror watching dreams unfold, she could smell his lust, but it was more than that, more than simple want. Souls were screaming to be heard and united; merged in a communion of skin and sound.

With only the slightest of recognized movement, she was in his arms and her mouth under assault, her body being bent back and devoured; time stood still. It was a commanding mouth, and it made everything inside her head and heart pause in pure wonder at such a touch of souls. No sonnets could have ever been written about this and there was not a poem that would even deem to attempt such depth of tongue and lip.

Feeling something cold and hard against her back she opened her eyes. Feeling the mirror at her back she raised her eyes and looked into his. His hands were now braced beside her head, the driving pulse of the song not even coming close to the look in his eyes. His chest heaved and his lips were tight with control, his nostrils flared. Language was now not being spoken in tongue, but in a natural and earthy instinct. Primal messages being spoken, she nodded the slightest bit, acknowledging the unspoken question, loving him for asking. Taking her hand, he pulled her after him out of the club and into the balmy, sensually driven night.

The air pulsated with the smell of Jasmine and the aura of erotic encounters. Her body followed this tall enigmatic stranger into the unknown, only knowing that at the end of it, there would most likely be a beginning of sorts. A beginning of what though, she did not know.

The music could still be heard as he led her through dark alleyways in the night. Other sounds permeated the air as well; her labored and aroused breath, her heart thudding a staccato tattoo in her chest, the pounding of their feet as they moved swiftly through the dark scented night.

Moving in driving pace chasing him through this dream, she was suddenly stopped and her back was moved flush against a wall and pressed against cool brick. Tucked into a secluded, yet well lit, alcove of sorts, she heard the sound of a fountain somewhere nearby. Her breath caught at the look in his eyes; determination, lust, and something elusive she just could not name. Maybe awe? Raising her hand to his lips, looking at their lush fullness, so sexy on this man, she gave in to the need to touch. Licking her finger, she traced his lip and brought it back to hers, sucking the tip gently, raised her green eyes to his in wonder and question.

A slight hiss once again escaping him, and with lightning fast movement, she found herself raised high against the wall, her legs thrown around him for anchor. His hips applied sublimely pleasurable pressure to her hot and aroused mound, he hooked his arms up under hers, creating a rest of sorts while his hands held her hot mouth captive. With the slightest of sound the word madness escaped from his lips. She wonders if he means madness of feeling, or madness of location; either would suit this situation. Neither cared who saw, delving into her succulent cavern; his tongue began mating with hers in frenzied state, daring her to ask him to be easy, as if she possibly could.

Fisting her hands on his head and in his hair, she put everything she was into the kiss, her soul flying through her breath, to infuse his with her own spirit: One. A kiss was meant to be this way, a sharing of souls.

With a cry, and acute writhing madness, her hands made their way between their bodies enough to feel where they are pressed against each other. His hot cock strained against his black pants, showing her what she had to look forward to in the next while. Her clit was swollen like a ripe strawberry and her lips engorged with passionate fury, fluid escaped her in deep juicy waves; a preliminary event to the mindless experiences about to come.

With a muttered curse, she felt herself being lifted away from the wall. She was still wrapped around him like a sensual blanket, her mouth fused with his as he moved through the alcove. Coming to a stop she looked around her, her breath hitching in her throat she noticed a beautiful small waterfall pool. The sensual sound of the water cascading rippled over her skin, like she wanted his tongue to.

Feeling her body slowly being set down in a sliding fashion, she glanced at the stranger in curiosity. Wondering how he found such a place of dreamlike beauty she asked him, only to find out he owned it.

Thinking she was on another planet, she looked around to confirm she was actually still on earth, the sound of a nearby horn confirming her reality in this earthly plane.

Turning her back to him, she looked out over the pool, her chest heaved in still unfulfilled passion and longing. Then she felt it, the slight sensation of warm fingers on skin. Looking over her shoulder and seeing him kneel behind her, she moaned as his hands traveled the length under her dress and up her thighs. His fingers lightly grasped the edges of her black silk garter, and the night air rushed up her fluttering skirt to tease and tantalize her hot pussy, exposed in no panties.

Then the air rushed out of her as his hands took handfuls of the rounded globes of her buttocks and kneaded gently, causing her knees to almost buckle; but he held her steady. Sliding his head under the skirt of her dress, she felt his hot tongue trace the gentle seam of her hot ass, making her moan loudly at the invasion of hot tongue against even hotter skin. Her head thrown back in abandon, she braced herself on the table in front of her. Supporting herself through this erotic foray into this stranger’s mouth and whims; she did not know if she could handle what he thought up next.

His hands were beautiful beyond words. Large, with just a hint of masculine roughness, they explored in a way that brought fire to her heart; preparing her for whatever came next. Feeling his fingers slide along her garter, she clenched her hands on the table; willing she to remain calm enough to stay upright in this quiet lover’s search. His only sound his heart–it was resonance that could not be covered.

Feeling him stand behind her, she looked over her shoulder. Looking at her, he questioned her trust in his pursuits; for some reason she trusted this man with all of her selves. With a reply of yes, she felt a blindfold come over her eyes. It was soft and gently scented with his cologne. Feeling herself being led along, holding his hand, her senses reeled with this sensual detour. She perceived herself being led along, holding his hand. Her senses reeled with this sensual detour.

Nostrils flaring, she smelled the heady scents of sandalwood, vanilla and some elusive smell that could only be him. It was cool in this place, but not cold. Lending her a nice refreshing stimulant to her hot erotic skin. Telling her to stop and wait, she heard him walk away. She did not understand his change of pace, but loved the direction none the less.

Hearing his footsteps moments later, she tilted her head to the side, trying to get a fix on his location. Feeling his heat nearby and sensing his soul call out to hers she decided to turn around and reach out her hand. She felt the naked expanse of soft skin; hot, firm, and smooth under her finger pads. Commenting on her intuitiveness, his sexy voice rolling over her body like warm hot honey. Her hearing was so acute she heard the sound of her own thundering heart.

Warm wet kisses trailed over her naked back, softly exploring. Making her body start to tremble once again. Slowly, with the slightest brushing feeling, her thin straps began sliding down her arms; the bodice of her dress catching her highly aroused nipples. He began to kiss a path around her shoulder, his tongue grazing slowly along her soft skin. Moving to stand in front of her, he reached out a finger and lightly brushed one along a dusky hard nipple, covered slightly by the soft black fabric of her low cut dress. Rubbing her dusky bud in circles lightly, her breath caught in heavy response and leaning forward, he tasted. Creating a damp spot on the fabric over her nipple, he licked at the turgid peak, drawing it to a harder state. Gasping, she reached out her hands to steady herself; this was going to be a journey never to be forgotten.

Reaching up to fist her hands in her hair, she gave into the pleasure coursing through her eager body. She felt the clash between the smooth fabric, his hot tongue and lips, and the cool air stealing in to make her nipples even harder.

He took his time; stopping to nip and nibble her succulent rose treats. Enjoying the sound of his breathing, she concentrated on feeling everything. His hands grabbed the fullness of her breasts, pushing them together, making the nipples escape their covered prison. The raw connection to his tongue nearly made her knees collapse. She heard a moan, not realizing that it came from her; a sound ripped from the depths of her aching soul.

Hearing her pleading noise, he stood up and took her hand. Leading her somewhere, she followed with a sense of impending ecstasy. Knowing that she was never coming back from this journey in one piece. Her soul was already lost; dead to other men and their pursuits of mediocre interactions that left a woman vacant and searching.

Feeling something cool and soft at the back of her knees she stopped and waited. Wanting to see her eyes, he removed the blindfold. Awestruck by the vision around her, she could only stare at the lush heaven she was in. Candles were glimmering everywhere, the scented erotic lights glimmering off of his bare chest, his eyes speaking messages her body and soul understood; this was no game.

His black pants were unbuttoned, gaping slightly, revealing his hot erection straining against the suppleness of his pants. His eyes held a control though; one that said he would be this way for hours. Standing perfectly still he watched her. She had the feeling he was waiting for something, and then she knew. He was letting her have control in his domain, letting her choose the direction of this loving.

Turning her head around the room, she took in the decor. The bed was covered in black silk, a canopy of gauzy fabric cocooning it in a secluded erotic playground. The walls were a soft gunmetal grey color, with black and white nude prints on the walls, all depicting scenes of beautiful exploration. The main color was the redness of the candles and a bouquet of red roses, the rich color contrasting against the dark intimate shades of the room. This room was a reflection of him. Dark, sensual, and completely contrasted it contained elements that were soft and hard, gentle and firm; a dream. Taking a deep breath, she looked into his eyes, and sent messages of her own.

His breathing quickened, and his hands flexed slightly. Her message must have been read; he was hers. His body hers to touch and read like a memorable poem. Stepping forward, so that there was only an inch of space between them, she looked up into his face. Tipping her head forward, she darted out her tongue and gently flicked her tongue against the hard pulsing point at the base of his throat. Feeling him vibrate with suppressed need under her tongue, she moved back a few paces, catching his smoldering eyes in hers.

Running her hand slowly up her arm, she placed her finger over her thin strap sitting like a lover on her soft shoulder. With the lightest of brushes, the strap slid down her smooth skin to pool at her elbow; it’s mate following mere seconds later. Removing her arms from the straps, she exposed her still hard nipples, supple belly and flushed skin. With only a slight shimmer of her hips, the dress slipped to the floor. Hearing his sharp gasp, she saw his eyes widen in an effort to control his need.

Knowing he liked what he saw, she stepped from within the pool of black at her feet, and stood before him. Wearing only her black silk and lace garter, sheer black stockings and her black pumps, she was a vision of sin. Her dark nest of curls visible to his feasting eyes. It was too hot for panties, so she had decided to forego them in an effort to feel comfortable, and maybe just a little naughty.

Moving on instinct, she began to glide her hands over herself. Her fingers trailed lightly up her thighs, to her belly, up the sides of her breasts, to run over her face and down her neck. Her skin loved the soft attention. Eyes opening again, she could see the effect this was having on him, he was shaking with a fine sheen of sweat glistening on his forehead. He too had his limits.

Moving back towards the bed and sitting on the edge, she gave into the need to see just how far she could go before this situation ended up being reversed once again. Feeling the cool silk glide along her buttocks, she moaned in the pure pleasure of it all. Spreading her legs slightly, she leaned back on her elbows and just watched him for a minute. Letting him look at her, taking her into his visual realm. Reaching her right hand between her thighs she tilted her head back and began to explore herself; her middle finger sliding between her plump lips, fragrant and lush like ripe plums; giving them a taste of the sensations they had been craving for what seemed like forever.

The slow sensual friction of her fingers along her thick lips felt like a balmy erotic massage. Her other hand spread her folds for his audience. Eyes closed, she released herself to the moment. Moaning at the pure pleasure of her clit swelling further, her buttocks clenching in acute desire, she stroked to show him what she liked and what she wanted him to do. Her middle finger slipped over her moist center using long strokes, slow movements for the time being. Rushing was not the answer here. Taking time to occasionally circle her clit with her finger, she continued her long plunges along her flooded valley. Opening her eyes, she observed him. His feet braced apart, his eyes glued to her fingers; hands flexing with the subconscious need to touch. She decided to really have some fun and slipped her middle finger inside, groaning a lusty sound, clearly enjoying the sensation. Withdrawing her finger, she slid it along her lips slowly, deeply entering her mouth and made a sound of divine enjoyment; loving that he was shaking with need, wanted her with a fierceness that was tangible.

With her newfound lustiness in tow, she sat up, crawled onto her knees and turned her back to face him. Bending over, she pushed her face into the black silk cover and reached between her thighs, stroking her swollen lips once again. Her knees spread, he had an erotic picture ripe in heady sexual scent and texture.

Hearing and animal-like sound behind her, she grinned into the mattress and just enjoyed the pure sensuality of the moment. Her pouting lips smiling in invitation and glistening in readiness for whatever he had in mind. Her heels, stockings and garter an epicurean delight of creamy skin and rose petal bouquet.

Her lips were more than ready for him. He could see the swelling pouting folds just beckoning him to visit and pay homage to this feast of female sensuality. As she stroked her lips in heavenly rhythm, making soft cries into the mattress, he knew now was the time to step in. He could no longer remain the spectator.

Taking a few quiet steps forward, he dropped to his knees by her slick visual feast. Enjoying the pulsing vision of her fingers acting upon herself, he flexed his fingers one last time, reached forward and began his magic.

Gasping at the sudden contact, she looked to the side and contemplated moving. Grasping her firmly by the buttocks and keeping her spread for his intentions, he placed her hands beside her on the mattress; she relented to his artful ministrations.

Leaning in close to her, he put his delectable mouth right near her pulsing opening. Placing gentle little kisses on her engorged lips, soothing them and making them even more swollen at the same time. Clenching the sheets in her hands, she knew that she might not live through this.

His tongue and hands began playing her like an erotic instrument, her gasps and moans accompanying his tongue’s music. he stroked the tip of his tongue slowly, from the base of her sweetly scented clit to the extra sensitive opening of her anus. Making her want to collapse and scream. The gentleness of the touch no less stimulating than a driving tongue. Flicking his tongue over her full protruding lips, he grabbed her quivering buttocks and held her steady; her rocking hips putting his errand astray. Lapping again in full lengthy strokes, he removes his face and inserts one middle finger, slowly, while licking and biting her gently rounded ass. The blinding pleasure acute, she writhes her face into the black silk and lets a scream of pure animal passion loose. Lost to this mind numbing man. Her body liquid sin and heavenly delight.

Slowly he begins to slide his finger in and out of her, creating a reminder of what she really wants. Him, the whole beautiful length of him, deep inside. Bringing his mouth to her opening, he began licking where his finger, and now two, were having their wicked way with her. Bucking her hips up, he realized she would not be able to hold on to this for much longer. Standing up, he withdrew his fingers from her, taking time to lick the sweet treat off of them first. He removed his pants and boxers in one swift gesture, and moved back to her raw and ready opening.

Placing his engorged cock near her throbbing lips, he held himself steady against her and began rubbing. Long up and down strokes with his head along her wet hot slit; the sound that came out of her lips was unheard to his ears before. Telling her to get up on all fours, he moved in front of her on the bed, looking down at her from his large height, and smiled a smile of pure temptation. Placing his hot erection at her lips, he bent forward over her back and slowly inserted a finger. Her eyes rolling in ecstasy, she thought she might just faint from the pure animal pleasure of it.

Taking his hot cock between her lips, she paused for a moment, her hot breath teasing him. Knowing what he wanted, she began some tongue work of her own.

Succulent, delicious, an erotic feast; all of these thoughts popped into her mind as he placed his glistening head against her waiting lips. His artful ministrations to her ultra sensitive pussy were driving her completely out of her mind. Flipping her over onto her back, he laid her out bare to his eye. Spreading her thighs wide with her knees raised and dropped to the side, he had a ringside view to sweet honeyed depths. Fingering the straps on her garters, he ran his hand down her silky clad leg, and removed one shoe, then did the same for the other. Slowly tracing a path back up her legs with both hands, over her aching mound, to her belly.

Moving down on the bed and lying on his belly, he placed his mouth to her once again, her knees open in pagan feast. Nibbling her lips, sucking them into his mouth, his tongue darting deep inside of her he then moved up to her clit. He suckled her throbbing pleasure point with firm sucks, making a shudder ripple through her with building ecstasy.

Knowing her as nobody had ever known her before, he lapped at her with flicking motions. Concentrating on her clit, he rubbed his tongue over her, watching her writhe on the mattress moaning. Knowing this was something she liked from her responses, he continued to do this, while gently placing a finger within her in a "come hither" motion. Hitting her g-spot, her hips jacked up, wrenching a lusty cry from her lips. Flicking his finger inside of her and licking her clit, she screamed her pleasure out in waves of lusty sound.

After easing off of her with his mouth and finger, and lapping up her erotic drink, he gently pulled her into a sitting position; her legs open in an almost cross legged position, still giving him a beautiful view. Standing at the edge of the bed, he once again gave her access to his aching cock; needing her mouth on him in a way that was slowly making him insane.

After she calmed her racing heart, she looked at this enigmatic man. Standing up languidly, she turned him around and seated him on the edge of the bed. In recline, and with a wondering smile on his face, she made him comfortable for what was about to happen. Kneeling down between his legs she took his soft balls in her left hand and his cock in her right. Squeezing his cock gently down toward the bottom of his beautiful shaft, getting ready to suck. Running her tongue over her lips, getting them good and wet and looking into his eyes she wondered if he liked seeing his cock disappearing into a woman.

Opening her mouth just slightly to tease and excite him and coming very close to his cock, she breathed on him, blew on him with her hot breath. She stuck her tongue out again, reached for him, teased him. Making sure her tongue is dripping wet, she began at the bottom of his shaft and licked upwards, slowly. Turning her head sideways, watching him, she pretended to take a bite of him, gently setting her teeth into his flesh. Wetting him again with her tongue, she used her soft hand to spread the liquid around. His hot wet cock such a sexy sight, her left-hand massaged his supply shaven balls, scratching them lightly with her fingernails. After a short while of teasing, she decided to really get started.

Taking her tongue in a long upward swing on his throbbing cock, she continued her long wet lick up over the head of him; lingering at the hole in the centre. Sticking her tongue into it, but not sucking, she ran her tongue around the rim of his silky head several times, lingering to work on that sensitive underside each time. Loving the moans coming from his throat, she continued in her journey. Squeezing his shaft to see if there was a treat for her, she saw some precious sweet liquid pop up and dipped her tongue into it. Moaning in pure pleasure, she loved this little taste of what was to come. Closing in on his cock head like it was a chocolate ice-cream cone and taking his wet knob into her mouth she slid her wet lips down over him until she covered his entire head; enveloping the delicious satin banquet. She sucked on him, holding her mouth on him, enveloping him like a warm moist glove. Moving her head down quickly, she sucked all of him into her mouth, grasping his soft balls in her hand. Staying there, with his hot erection filling her mouth, feeling it inside of her, she began to slide her lips back to the tip of his aching cock. Flicking her tongue against it; twisting her head from side to side, up and down, around and around. Her moist lips never lost contact with his silky rod as they slide around. Alternating pressure between soft and hard, she looked up at him and saw his head thrown back, his teeth gritted in pleasure and pure bliss. She moved her moist hand up and down his lusty shaft, an eager follower of her lips.

Then, moving as fast as she thought he could handle without shooting his hot cum down her throat, she held her hands against her lips, sliding her hand up and down on his cock as if she were making love to him. Pressing her tongue against the bottom of his cock she let his head slide back and forth between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. This was going to take awhile and she was not going to give this up anytime soon.

Hearing the trembling sound in his voice as he asked her for mercy, she smiled on his hot length. He was nearing a peak soon, and she eased off, wanting to prolong his pleasure. She moved up his body, and kissed his firm belly, stopping to hover over his hardened nipples. Looking down into his eyes, she smiled a smile of awe and happiness, wanting him to know how much this meant to her. Looking up into her eyes, he sent the same message back.

Knowing he was relaxed enough to proceed, she slowly began to make her way down his body, taking up where she had left off before. This was going to be a long night for him she said to herself as she proceeded into a night of sensually driven torture….

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