Whispering and Listening  

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Whispering and Listening

quick personal note: just got back from AggieCon and dealing with fellow nerds all weekend and was immediately able to nerd out upon my return with my new 360 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. If you know what this is about, then you understand... if not, one of the most beautiful games ever, simply from an aesthetic point of view, an with and HD screen...mmmm. Anyway, all I needed to add from that standpoint.

I guess I am continuing my poetic pontifications and my commentaries in general. I wanted to actually write something a little more but I find I am pretty tired, so I was going to post two seemingly unrelated poems: one about a tomb, the other about a plague. The first is one of my few historical pieces, about a place that is more symbolic for who it contains than the place itself. The second is a modern piece, commenting on AIDS and how awareness has slipped it seemed, at least in the U.S. In it I make allusions to the Black Death/Bubonic Plague, the history of which I also study. So, the connection might be a little thin, or is it? That is the problem with plagues and history... it repeats and we do not learn.

'Whispers at Fontevraud Abbey'

I hear the whispers of their lives,
emerging from these forgotten walls.

Crumbling ruins barely maintained,
Nearly a millennium gone.
Faces and forms carved in simple granite,
A quiet reminder of Bordeaux and Chinon,
that conquering family
entombed within.

Tales of troubadours and crusaders
dance from their solemn repose,
Tempered by fire and sword.
They spring from the darkness,
twisted by romance
and the passage of time.

Lioness and Lion, Duchess and King,
Eleanor and Richard
Still whisper at Fontevraud Abbey.

'Listening to the Band'

Smooth notes distracting,
Danse Macabre reaping,
Broken hearts weeping,
Another soul contracting,
Plague biding its time.

Blood pathogens corroding,
Red ribbons hiding,
No longer siding,
Public support eroding,
Death enjoying its time.

Third world inciting,
This problem denying,
Nations against trying,
Instead keeps fighting,
Compassion wasting its time.

Talking heads braying,
About life saving,
Vaccine effects staving,
Doctors are praying,
Hope buying more time.

Jagged fear returning,
Band still waiting,
Good feelings abating,
Pandemic tide turning,
Who's listening this time?

Smooth notes distracting,
Danse Macabre reaping,
Another soul weeping,
Plague keeps reacting,
Death listening this time.


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