Unknowns Revisited  

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4/16/2006 10:21 pm

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Unknowns Revisited

Sometimes when I read my more recent stuff, I see the person I most recently was and how much I have progressed from my regression. Long ago, I was truly a hopeless romantic, and I knew that love was so incredible it could be eternal and did not care much about the unknowns. I wrote the following after much soul searching following my divorce, so I started to think being a romantic was increasingly futile. Later, I learned how wrong I was. I still have not found my 'true' love, but I know now I do not need to do so. Perhaps understanding is enough. I revisit this only to see what I almost became, and to some extent, it helped me move beyond it.


This place, familiar and unreal
Knowing I have been, yet never will be
Glancing askance at such fearful and joyous days,
Reaching into the unknowns of love.

A moment out of sync, and proper,
Realizing we could do more though nothing remains.
Drifting apart while clinging to the forlorn,
Facing the melancholy of the unknowns of life.

Your heart broken and healed,
Seeing me as I was, dismissing who I am
Fading away from our tumult and our wonder,
Standing upon embers of dying love.

Years gone and futures hence,
Feeling all that could be felt,
Hoping reduced to tired words on a page,
Lingering amid the doldrums of the unknowns of love.


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