Tomorrows Lost  

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4/8/2006 12:37 am

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Tomorrows Lost

The following is actually a new composition and am somewhat surprised that I did write it, but sometimes you start putting words on paper and such is the result. This is also the first time I have posted a piece that has not seen the light of day on the writing site I normally utilize. I really don't know what to make of it, except that I have to try and understand the makeup of my soul and its connection to the universe. Anyway, I hope this will do.

'Tomorrows Lost'

I searched...
For a realm far removed of self
Waiting to see once more.
All that I gave,
All that I knew,
Enfolded within memories
Fractured and forgotten,
Scattered amidst this crucible
Between space and time.

I agonized...
Beyond instants between the seconds,
Reaching toward worlds disconnected of self.
All that I sought,
All that I understood,
Lost in moments
Prideful and hurtful,
Crushed by the weight of such
Tormented sorrow.

I left...
To find what I already knew,
Wanting to see once more.
All you gave,
All you understood,
In that realm far removed of self,
No longer forgotten,
Drifting between the currents of
Space and time.

Would that I could see the
Wondrous heart of this realm
So distant of self...
But it is forever closed to me
As my tomorrows slip...
Into the emptiness of space and time.


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