Remembrance Is Not the Issue  

intierzha 45M
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9/11/2006 12:15 pm
Remembrance Is Not the Issue

For me, today, remembrance is not so much the issue. Mostly this is because we all remember, unless we were too young. How can one forget, if they claim to be a human being? (and yes, I know that there are many who do not qualify) But how can one get caught up in ceremony when the world is no safer, perhaps even much more dangerous, than it was five years ago. The best way to remember is to move forward, but have we? I don't need to be reminded of that terrible day, or of any of the terrible days I have witnessed and experienced in my life.

In the end, what has changed? Osama still lives, and the dead remain dead. We have annihilated two countries, for good or ill, and still more blood is sought. I have the greatest respect for those who sacrificed on that day, and for those who still do, but I feel their deaths, and lives, should have meaning. If we keep squandering those sacrifices, what shall we do then? We certainly would not be the first country to do so, nor, I fear the last.

Five years ago, I wrote that this would not end. Until we realize that one more death will not balance the scales, that more deaths will not be enough... ten, fifteen, twenty... more years of remembrance and no end.


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