No Return  

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4/25/2006 8:08 am

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No Return

I originally was not going to add this piece as I felt it not as good as some of my other political poems in terms of structure; however, yesterday's events in Egypt (bombing at a seaside resort... again) made me reexamine it. Basically, I wrote this poem right after the first of the resort bombings on the Israel-Egypt border. While not the best I have, I feel it gets the point across with some clarity.

'No Return'

From stones and swords,
To bombs and tanks
The result is always the same.
Neither side accepting the blame
For the madness they have unleashed
Upon their fragile domains.

By foot and by horse,
and by car and by plane
The message they send remains.
Both sides unable to hear
The voices of their God
Listening instead to the cries of rage.

Because of fear and anger,
Blood and hatred remains.
The result will still be the same,
Neither side giving in until
No one is left alive
To inhabit their fragile domains.


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