Geographe Bay  

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Geographe Bay

Geographe Bay is a place. It is a small bay south of Perth that is remarkably tranquil and calm, like many of the bays in that area. (Hamelin Bay, further south is even more peaceful, and you get to swim with stingrays I was inspired to write about this tranquility and how deceptive it can be, and how it is a bit of a metaphor for the soul. I sat and watched the sunset every day for 3 days while I stayed on the beach in this place and could only write about the calm and the illusion of the soul. The same place (and Hamelin Bay as well) inspired another 'calm' poem, but I will get to it in the next post, perhaps tomorrow.

'Geographe Bay'

An illusion on water
Or tempting in person,
Beyond a distant twilight,
Dancing along a quiet shore.

A passing thought in silence
Yet carried by the wind,
Reaching toward a reckoning,
In the shadows of a darkening soul.

Moments of serenity...
Lost to vanity and pride.

Dreams of a wistful dream
Borne in a cruel night,
To sense some tempered passion,
Hidden beneath the scars of a heart.

An illusion on water
Carried by the wind.
Without hope of resolution,
Trapped against a quiet shore.


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