Forgiving What is Unrequited  

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4/21/2006 10:39 pm

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Forgiving What is Unrequited

I thought about commenting on some things that annoy me, but enough people on this site comment on things that really annoy them, I figure I would stick to the usual, commentaries on older poems and how they and I have changed over the years.

I am posting two that are different in style but not so much in theme, dealing with forgiving unrequited love, understanding that it seems that all love can be like this, and how to move one even when you feel like you cannot. So, that is all I have as we move from Friday night into Saturday morning, and as usual, I am posting on an internet blog as opposed to doing something interesting (ok, I went to the Ranger game earlier, but no one was cool enough to go with me, lol). Hope everyone that stops by has a good weekend.


Currents of time and soul simply cannot wait
In the face of what might never be,
Holding fast to memories incomplete
Dreams so fragmented
Knowing the truth of days lost to your heart.

I want to say so much...
The price, so dear.

Hopes of wonder pulsing in a forgotten instant
Sensing realization within this crucible,
Reaching beyond a vision forlorn
Tears so common
Understanding a curse in yearning for you.

I feel embers that remain...
The silence, so still.

Nights of longing drift toward a morning lament
In the shadows of what could be,
Believing words uttered so long ago
Love so unrequited
Seeking a balance to the fire in my heart.

I want to tell you so much...
The cost, so dear.
It all remains... unrequited.


I walked the shores of midnight seas,
Reveled in days that did not end.
I wandered ancient forests, slept in verdant fields
But time and space would not wait,
and the longing never fades.

It did not matter where I roamed
from city to country, hillside to beach.
I traversed, crossed, rambled and explored;
Still the heart and soul could not wait,
and the yearning did not fade.

I sat and watched the world pass on,
doing what it must to survive.
I embraced the wonder, reached for the joy,
but the heart and mind cannot wait;
time and space do what they must
for hope eventually wastes away.

It was not my wish,
but what happened remains.
And longing for yearning toward hopes of love,
must like all things... slip away.


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