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I thought about throwing out some more non-romance/love/concepts of love poems (like some more political/war items) but thought I would continue to give y'all a break on that. I had been writing some about my own internal struggles with love and posting some of my works that dealt with the subject. Earlier on in some of my posts, I dealt with the concepts of love and the soul love itself as it relates to women (since they, after all, are those I love, at least romantically). What follows is more of the conceptual side and poses an eternal question. I am not sure if my answer is any better than the rest, but I guess at least it is one.


A trillion voices call into the void of forever
Bound in a terrible though blissful illusion,
Embraced by a splendid hope
For the now to become unending tomorrow.

At the edge of this darkness I wait,
Seeking the fulfillment of a million yesterdays,
Tempered with cold reality
That my vanity might yet be a waking dream.

Is it eternal?
Tell me all we longed for will not fade.

Beyond the veil of starlight she holds fast,
Caught in a torrent of fragments of today,
Fueled by such enduring faith
In the remarkable wonder so commonly known.

What awaits in the void of forever?
Held in place through such clever illusion,
Made possible by one ideal,
Our greatest gift, this capacity for love.

Is this eternal?


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