Change of Focus  

intierzha 45M
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3/18/2006 6:19 pm

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Change of Focus

When one speaks of change, it is often for the best, and I feel mine certainly is. I do not speak of a change in my personal life, really, for it is what it is, and I have done all I can to maintain it. All this means I am more or less happy with my life outside of the Internet, so to speak.

Therefore, the change I am affecting for myself is thus: I have altered my profile and my stated goals for this site. I am only in it for the Internet connection via the blogs or email or the like. I think that was mostly my intent anyways, as most of the interesting people I tend to meet are always out of the state or country. I guess then not much has changed, only the fact I am stating that I require/want something different. And it is clear that most of the women on this site, even if they state they want otherwise, do not want the type of difference I can engender. I am not complaining, only accepting reality. With me, what you read and see is what you get. Not much more or less, lol. I am not so sure that is the case with some of the women. Truly, I have met some lovely ladies, though distance and other factors would keep anything from emerging. So, I am going to sit back and take things as they come, and blog away, giving all you lovely people my unique take on the universe.

Like it or not, speak to me or not, I will give you everything I have in these posts. As the person I am, could I do nothing less?

Take care, and the next post will likely be a little more insightful, or at least entertaining, lol.


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