Ravaging You  

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3/18/2006 1:56 pm

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Ravaging You

As the heat fades from between your legs, radiating warmth throughout your naked body, I move my lips, dripping with your passion, to your lips. I kiss you softly, as you can taste your essence upon me. My tongue darts into your wet mouth as I trace my fingertips down your stomach back to your clit, which has only just now stopped its spasms. I rub it slowly in counter rotating circles. You reach out your had and grasp the open fly of my jeans, hungry with desire. I am so hard that the head has swollen to the point of pushing up into the waist if my underwear, and your nail grazes its tip. I stand, and you face my stomach.

Slowly you reach out and push down my jeans, kissing my navel in a slow and wet lip embrace. Your mouth leaves a wet circle, and I shudder from the sensation. My pants slide from my legs and pool on the floor. As I move to step out of them my firm cock is accidentally pressed against your cheek, and you move your head into it, feeling its girth and throb against you. As you roll your head around, me pressing against you in hard desire, I place a hand on your head and caress your hair. I am free from the jeans, and stand before you only in my underwear, bulging and straining with my lust for you.

Your tongue finds my inner thigh, and upwards you trail its moist slick surface to my swollen balls. You lap at me where the skin is sensitive between my testicles and inner thigh, and a cold shiver races down my spine. My cock lurches in the underwear, begging to be freed. You oblige, your nails slowly pulling at the seam and rolling them downwards. My head springs out at you, free at last from its cotton prison. You see how enlarged it is from my desire, and as you continue to slip the cotton down you see my shaft ‒ thick and throbbing. Lapping out you trace your tongue under the prominent ridge of my head, where it meets the shaft. I groan. Once free past my thighs the cotton falls to the floor and I step out of them, once again pressing my now naked throbbing cock into your wet moist lips. You kiss it once, softly, taking just the head in your mouth. It is soft, warm, and firm.

I push you back ‒ there will be time to savor my manhood, but first I must put out the fire in your loins. You are dripping again, flowing madly from the sexual drive we are both racing from. I look into your eyes, and they beg me to enter you. I lay you back gently, your hair spilling once again on the bed and caressing your head as you lie back. Stroking your chest with one hand, I guide my swollen head with my other: I trace the contours of your belly, your thigh. It is rubbery soft, and you are surprised to feel a slightly moist trail from my pre-cum. Gently I rub my throbbing head along your inner thigh, run the smooth shaft across it so that you can feel the length of me from the outside, before you feel the length of me from your inside. Grasping the base of my shaft, I guide my member to your opening. You moan. I rub the head across your flowing hole, upwards so that first the head and then a few inches of the shaft slide across your clit heading towards your navel. When the patch of textured skin under my head rubs your clit you moan again. Then I move it back down so that my head, now slick with your juices, is pressing lightly against your clit. Rotating it in slow circles I massage your throbbing nub. You pant faster. I want you to cum again from the feel of my swollen cock against you, so I continue a steady pressure and motion, rubbing you in slow circles. I lean down and take a pert nipple in my mouth, bending to my limits to taste your breast and rub your clit at the same time. You arch, it is coming from inside you, you feel the orgasm like a hot train erupting from the depths of your belly outwards. As you cry and peak your orgasm I feel you grow even wetter still. Your juices have flowed down my shaft and onto my aching balls, and pre-cum from me has mingled with your moisture from your deepest recesses.

I move my hands to the sides of you, in pushup position, and stare down into your eyes. We both do not blink, but stare deeply into the depths of each other. My head is poised, barely touching your gushing opening. You can feel it parting your labia, coming to rest right at the delicate entrance. In one slow, agonizingly slow motion, I proceed to enter you, all the while staring deeply into your eyes. Slowly, so slowly. You feel my head stretch your inner lips, then push into your. Your juices are slick and ease my progress in, and the look in those eyes as I slide deeper, deeper. My shaft is slick with you, smooth and so hard. My head spongy and swollen, plumbing into your inner recesses, looking for the fount of your well to taste your juices from within. I angle my hips up so that my member is curving upwards against the upside wall of your pussy, sliding along its soft wall. It is as if a small eternity has passed as I slide into you, we never blink once but stare at each other. Then at long last I reach the end of my length, my head pressed up inside you deep, my pelvis pressing tightly against yours. I wiggle upwards a bit, adding more pressure, and you gasp. I have entered you at last.

Just as slowly I pull out of you, sliding slick and firm all the long way. I pull out until the tip of my cock is once again pressed just against your flowing opening, then press inwards again, slightly faster this time. Your breathing is ragged. Your chest heaves in passion. You can watch my chest muscles ripple as I balance my weight above you, so that all you feel of me is the pressure of my hips grinding slowly into you. Deep into you I slide again, then once again out. Faster we breathe. My climax is building, I cannot hold out for long as I have ached for you for so long tonight. The taste of you still fresh on my lips, the feel of you glorious body still haunting my hands, lips and fingertips. I feel as if soon I will explode. By mutual, unvoiced agreement we pick up the pace.

What builds at first as slow rhythmic thrusts into your drenching canal becomes almost frantic. Faster I plunge into you, seemingly arriving in your deeper each time with a push and angle of my hips. You hear my breathing, it is fast and strong. I can hear your moans, soft and building. Our motion becomes fluid, and loud. Behind the sounds of our moans and small cries of pleasure we can hear the slosh of your juices as I plunge into you, the small wet splat of my pelvis slamming into yours. You arch your legs upwards, opening yourself to me more, angling your hips upwards. My cock buries yet deeper still, your clit rubbed by my pelvic bone as I connect with you. My stomach is undulating, as is yours. Faster we fuck ‒ hard and deep. Our cries are growing, and still we pump harder and faster. In one savage thrust we cum together.

Your muscles clamp around my pulsating shaft as your orgasm rips you apart, blinding you and causing you to scream in pleasure. You feel my head expand, throb, and then a torrent of hot cum erupts deep inside you. It is thick, hot (oh so hot) and massive. Your muscles clamp around the shaft and your pussy milks me, pulling every drop from my depths. You can feel my member jerk, followed by gushes of hot cum. I can feel your hot juices mingling with mine. We cry out together as I thrust into you one last savage time, exploding out every ounce of semen that was in transit to deposit inside you. My lips find yours, and we kiss deeply and hungrily. But the night is just beginning, and my surprises for you have yet to commence. As we lie in panting recourse, the next phase in my wicked plot for you this evening begins ‒ with a soft whoosh of the bedroom door opening, and soft footfalls approaching on the carpet…

Up inthe sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's inthefe

rm_lovinitall77 47F
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9/3/2007 8:06 pm

And you just keep getting hotter!!! You make me become lost in my imagination and how good it feels!

Angela234 41F
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3/23/2006 9:27 am

OMG another one that continues to make me so hot and wet. Chicago huh? I missed my trip up there this week, but I'm up there all the time. Thats where my job is based out of. Just work here closer to the buyers.... So let me know the next time you're up there.. You'll have to play out these stories on me and I'll definitly return the favor. Just get ready for it baby...

mmmmmm Hugs.... Angela

FunandFrisky79 42M/38F

3/19/2006 2:11 pm

Chicago, eh? That's about 30 minutes from me! Sweetie, I think YOU are the one who should be careful! I may just be more than you can handle! *WEG*

*blushing* And, yes you do know what I'm capable of saying when I'm all hot and bothered!


angelgrrl 49F

3/19/2006 9:49 am

oh . . . my . . . Words escape me. SO hot.

inthefe replies on 3/19/2006 11:25 am:
mmm, now why does that turn me on so much?

FunandFrisky79 42M/38F

3/19/2006 12:12 am

WOW!!! This evening just keeps getting better!!! Oh, to spend just one night with you... You'd have to pry me off of you! I'd never want to let you go! So... when will you be visiting Indiana?? *WEG*

In all seriousness, your stories excite me to no end! You have a gift, my dear! So, you better not disappear on me again!!! lol And, if you do, you never know, I may just come to NM and find your ass! Of course, you'd probably enjoy that too much! Speaking of which, what's this I hear about you wanting to taste me? Mmmmm... care to go into some detail? Better yet, why don't you hop the next plane and show me!!! *wicked grin*

I'll say it again... you're soooo sexxxy, inthefe!!! DAMN!! Now I'm all hot and bothered again!

Btw, it appears we share the same desires for passionate sex. I could've written this story myself (from the female perspective, of course). It's kind of eerie that we're so similar!


inthefe replies on 3/19/2006 11:23 am:
Be careful what you wish for delicious lady - I will be in Chicago soon, and I think that's not too far away fom you (sexy, evil grin). I'm hot and bothered that your hot and bothered! Isn't that a great chain reaction thing? Maybe we keep getting hot until we....mmmmmmm And I believe you could write that from the female pespective - I know what yo ucan say when heated up...

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