A Letter to the Fine Makers of Crisco  

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12/14/2005 9:30 pm

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A Letter to the Fine Makers of Crisco

Dear Sirs:

Thank you so much for a fun and great product! I recall fond
days of Grandma making her special cookies, and slathering
your excellent Crisco on her cookie sheets, dabbing some
on my nose and calling me a farging bastard from that whore
slut daughter-in-law of hers. Ahhh the memories.

I was at Grandmas just the other day, and I have a question
for you. How does one get Crisco stains out of suede? Grandma
might be upset what Shirley and I did with her oven mits,
but she will go ballistic when she finds those stains on
her suede jacket. The closet was dark and all, and I just
didn't see it there when I was slathering up Shirley
and I. Anyway, I got it off the carpet (well, Shirley's
rump did actually, but that's another story) but all
the rubbing and, whatknot, would just not get it out of that

Thanks so much for the response. Oh, and by the way, is this
stuff toxic at all? I started to have some shooting pains
when I go tinkle...

Your devoted fan,


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