Oh for the day of joy! and sex!  

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3/22/2005 8:28 am

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Oh for the day of joy! and sex!

I am getting an unusal number of responses from pent-up school teachers. WOW! I never knew the collective sexual energy of the 20-something female educator (if converted) could power southern California for weeks.

No wonder teachers sleep with students. Doh!

Actually I never got that. Mostly because my teacher's weren't anyone I would have considered nailing. Although, the last few that have made the News have been quite hot. Lucky f'n high school boys. WTF! Bang me! Not your 15 year old students.

I, OFFICIALLY, hereby volunteer to be ANY Hot Dallas-Area Teachers' "pet". : )

I mean, If you are gonna "F" a 15yo anyway...Why can't you "F" me instead? You get to have sex and you don't have to go to jail. That's a good deal.

Thank you for your time.

Good Day!

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