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Tachy-drama in three acts

Act one

An archway between buildings near a main street downtown, nine in the evening. People, automobiles, noice, winter, cold.
She is beautiful, medium-length brown hair,
bright eyes, full lips, small nose,
white-vanilla complexion.

He is a street song-maker holding a
well-taken-care-of guitar,
his clothes are simple and rather worn.

She is chewing a chocolate bar, looking
around rather absent-mindedly. Calmly,
he is singing his own tune.

Song-maker (voice quite, a little off-key):

"Silent, surrendered to your passion,
you are looking like a sad Madona.
No one is waiting for you
in the sight of your dreams."

She (looking disinterestedly at the guitar,
biting a piece of chocolate, feeling bored):


Act Two

Same location, ten minutes later. She has finished the chocolate bar. She is resting her head on a post and is looking at the song-maker. Something in her mind brings a tint of sadness to her expression. A tall, fit, well-dressed man, full of self-confidence but with gentle posture is approaching.

Man (strocking her hair, voice assured):

"Hi! Sorry I am late!"

She (they kiss deeply, her body yields):


She and the man walk away laughing, his arm
around her waist.

Act Three

Same location, immediately afterwards.
The song-maker is alone. His eyes are looking
into the soul of his guitar.

Song-maker (voice very quite and sad):

"How beautiful is Spring!
And how short!"


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too sad

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