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10/15/2005 11:25 pm

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railbaron2 Commented: my first Question- You Look like a Red head(I Cannot read your profile) Are You a Natural Redhead?
Question 2- What are You looking for ?
Question 3- Whats a innocent girl like you,doing on a site like this?

Thank you for your comments...hehe !
#1-Yes I am a natural redhead. But I go a brighter red then natural!
#2- I am looking for a guy/girl who can see me as me and not try to change or abuse me. Want someone who can treat me right and money is not the answer to any of my probs ! Someone who has a great sense of humor, an idea who they are and what they want, a great personality, oh and dont forget the high sex drive is a MUST!!! LOL
#3- Innocent is only an act dear!!! hehe Im a little horny devil!

Polarmountin asked :
question one does the carpet match the drapes.
question two what is your your favorite sexual postion
question three what is your phone number.

#1- what carpet Im supposed to have carpet? LOL just kidding....if there was carpet then yes
#2- Sexual positions hmmm....I would have to say the pretzel...LMAO Im so kidding Doggy style baby!!! grrr hehe
#3- Phone number is um not telling you! That is one question I will not answer to just anyone.

SirRandal asks:
1) What was your hotest sexual moment of arousal ( real or fantasy), you know the one that makes you wet just to think about and comes when your eyes are closed and you are peaking in orgasm, your toes are curled and only this moment matters, tell us what makes you Hot.

2) Have you ever posted naked pictures of yourself?

3) Where can I find Them?

These are some good questions hehe!!
#1- Hottest dont have one yet....still hoping to experience it soon! hehe

#2- Yes I have.

#3- I took them off shortly after I did it and now I only have half naked ones around!

Hyge_RI 36M
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10/19/2005 11:42 pm

Always some good questions, but some really great answers!

Especially about the carpet.

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