A trip to remember!  

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10/5/2005 10:35 pm

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A trip to remember!

Hope you enjoy this!!

I board the plane going where I didn't care to much about it when I bought the ticket. It was somewhere other than where I was at that point. I walk down the aisle scoping out who was on the plane,hoping that I was sitting next to a hunky guy. Chances were slim to none but one can hope, right? I continue down the aisle and I spot my seat. Situate myself disappointed that no hottie sitting next me and I have the urge to join the mile high club. I sigh...as this gorgeous 6 foot, brown hair and blue eyed man sits across the aisle. The only thing stopping me from grabbing him and dragging him was we were about to take off. I sat there during take off admiring this man, pondering how I would go about this escapade and convince him to join me. I then leaned over across the aisle and asked the guy where he was from. He responded with a gleam in his eye "Im from Texas, you?" Told him I was from Alaska and had never seen Texas, I knew that he was going to be up for this. I giggled flirtasiously at his every jester. About the time I was gonna give up on this brillant idea brewing in my head, the pilots turned off the fasten seat belt sign. There was my que to put my plan in action. I got up and whispered in Mr. Handsomes ear, follow me if you dare as I walked to the back of the plane toward the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door and glanced down the aisle to see if he was coming or not. He looked confused then stood up and came down the aisle with a smirk on his face. I had goosebumps all over my body and butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe I was doing this, no turning back I convinced myself. He followed me into the bathroom tight fit but it was great. I undressed him rather quickly as he ripped off my tanktop and pulled my skirt up..to his surprise I was wearing no panties..he looked me over, smiled and bent me over the toliet pulled a condom out of his pocket as if he had planned this himself. He lightly whispered to me "You ready to become part of the mile high club, little lady?" I smirked and replied only if your willing to satisfy. I gave him a look of approval and lust. Without warning he thrusted into me as I felt my pussy welcome him into the deepest parts within. I buried my head into my arm as too not give away our little secret. He then grabbed my nipples twisting and flicking them with his manly fingers. I continued to moan into my arm as he hit my spot over and over, with each air pocket the plane hit add more excitement. The pleasure of this experience seemed to last forever, about the time we both orgasmed. The fasten seatbelt chime came on and we were abruptly interrupted by someone tapping on the door. We quickly got rid of the condom and put ourselves back together. I was pulling my skirt down about the time Mr. Handsome opened the door. The gentleman who knocked on the door gave an approving smile of the situation. We both smiled and watched back to our seats. He leans over to me as we took our seats and whispers "So was that satisfying enough?" I smiled and nodded, Why yes it was. I sat down adjusted my pillow and waited for the final decent. When the Captain announced we were at the gate and it was safe to get off the plane. I grabbed my stuff gave Mr. Handsome a smile and exited the plane. Thoughts rambled through my head as I had never done a thing like that before and I didn't even get mystery mans' name all I got is he was from Texas. I turned around to catch him to at least ask him his name and maybe hook up with him for another Mile high club meeting. He was right there about to slip a card into my bag with his information on it. I gave him one of my business cards. We didn't exchange words, just looks and smiles. As we walked our separate ways.

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