Why I love women and men  

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9/10/2006 5:30 am
Why I love women and men

Well, to those of you who chatted with me last night... good morning!

Well i think the best way for people to understand what your looking for is not to be all sort of mysetrious, but to come out and point blankly state it.

Women: we are beautiful creatures. we know that and the people that love us know that. There is just something about a woman sucking on my tongue or licking me god knows where that just drives me crazy. I mean i understand where guys come from on this. We're curvy and sexy... who wouldn't want that. Women do know what other women want. No one can contest to that. Its like we got the little black book on how to please but left men out (no i'm kidding on this, i've had a few partners that have blown my mind). mmm... just getting a little turned on from this. I love the way that women get excited and moan... who wouldn't.

Men: There are things i love about men. The way that they have always turned me on. By just a brush of the hand on an unexpecting open area of skin. The feeling you get when they first slid it in is incredible. The rhythm you get and the way a mans kiss can take my breath away and make me weak in the knees. The way a man can massage my back and make me feel loved to the way he bends me over and gives it to me.

Thank god there was never any more genders or we would be really really busy people.

Now what i look for in general isn't really all that picky... I don't want people who play games, PERIOD. I've dealt with my fair share and I've gotten to the point in my life where i don't want to deal with it. People who cheat on their sig. others. Unless they are cool with it and want to watch- thats fine. But if your sneaking around- maybe there is something wrong there. No drama or game playing. Be straightforward with me and i'll do the same.

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