first time babbling here.  

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4/12/2005 6:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

first time babbling here.

so this is a lil space i can just babble
i can handle that
altho my spelling is awful on the keynoard
i look at the keys when i type and most often i do not go back fix mistakes,
hope you can keep up with my neurotic self!
i like to smoke the green and love to groove** when i am feeling highhh on that cloud!
who knows what this lil new space of mine will be saying
i can get hornny just by a look and want to fuck all in a the voice that took me there.
height voice confidance, a great personality makes a sexy man.
most asked qusetions
what am i doing here? i am here to find some one to spoil me, my way.
what is my way?
i like to have control. i am a power releser. some call it a switch.
what is a switch?
a switch is someone who is dominant ad submissive.
but i am not on the *heavy* or *extreme* end of either.
so what do i do ?
well that all depends on you!
but i have never given up the punanni. well, once.
well you have been saved by the bell.

devilinchains 41M

7/6/2005 5:55 pm


hope you're having a good time!


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