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3/5/2006 1:41 pm

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(what women r saying about infinity_1on1)...Hi I have too tell you and all my friends who are looking for good sex with no strings ,just good long lasting nasty,sweet sex with this guy I meet but frist here what my othere 2 friend had 2 say.. I had to find out for myself. He ate me so dam good it was scary,I must of cum 3 or 4 times that nite,but here what my othere girl had to say ....
girl: So I started going to his hotel room and spending time with him, everything was so wonderful, we made love like never before, like it was the first time.
girl1: he stays in a hotel
girl: Yes.

girl1: thats kind of romanitc
girl: Yea thats what I thought too.
girl1: ok so finish im sorry i interrupted
girl: It's ok.
girl: Like I said , he touched me in ways I never been touch before, so gentle and so loving I still feel it today.
girl1: oh wow
girl: All day long, I couldnt get my mind off of him, I decided that day that I wanted him to come back home with me. In we could do it all over again he did in I cum over and over again. It was GREAT....
Believe me girls it all true and good...DAM GOOD..It good to see someone who can make me feel like a women again..try emailing him ......I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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