A naughty evening.... with family?  

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2/20/2006 2:30 pm

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A naughty evening.... with family?

Good Day Bloggers,

I do not have anything to say that is current, so I will talk about an evening several months back...

If you read my blog you will quickly see that I am sexually starved man. A Cousin of my wife’s is in the same boat, only SHE is with a man that has no sex drive (I don't understand that).

So we would have these little family get together where we would drink too much and the bitterness of our lives would come out. I am however known for being a FUN DRUNK, I have a good time when I drink...despite the bitterness in the room.

So we go over there and she has been at the pool with her kids, we sit our food and drinks down and get ready for her boyfriend to grill hamburgers.

I sit down with my wife at the table and her cousin is hurrying around the kitchen...then I notice something....

She had these loose white summer pants on that you would wear to the pool. When I sat down I realized that they were shear....and she was sporting a very sexy white thong.


(All in a whispered panic voice between us)
I looked at my wife and said "do you see that!"
She said "yeah, are you going to be ok"
She said "get over it, you'll be fine"

The fear was that I was now super turned on and she did not want to deal with me. My fear was that I would have to stand up soon!!

SO, I sat there and opened a new 5th of Jack Daniels and started to drink...I thought if I drink enough I will be ok. My wife was hoping that I would pass out and she would not have to put out.

We were both wrong....I drank the entire bottle while watching that little ass dance across the floor. All the recognition that she was sexy that she did not get from him was beaming from my drunken eyes. He would not even look at her, so after my bottle was gone she made me Vodka and some kind of juice...smelled like paint thinner.

I still was able to walk out to the car and get home with out getting sick or passing out, but I was so horney. My wife let me on thinking I would get sick or not be able to function....ha ha....the joke was on her...I fucked her like a mad dog.

Well the sexy pants were a topic around the house for a few days, but nothing bad happen out of it. I am still waiting to see her in them again.

Damn I love thongs......

Women Women everywhere and not a pussy to eat......

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