Lost & Lame  

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7/23/2005 6:52 am

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6/9/2006 7:30 pm

Lost & Lame

Why is it that the men are the only one's who are active on this site? Most of the women in the northern IN and southern MI just have a profile, but never do anythinng with it. How lame is that? How are people going to get together if they're so lost on the site trying to find somebody who is real?

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7/23/2005 8:18 am

Tell me when you find out please.

rm_lavastone 41M

11/19/2005 11:52 am

Perhaps the fact that there are literally 8 guys to every female listed at this site ( and many others) has something to do with it. and on a Battle of the sexes issue Men thrive on sex and Women thrive on companionship intamacy. so i feel you pain and wish that i had better news.

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