ok... down to the last few hours.....  

imzadiS 50F
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5/10/2006 8:50 pm

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5/13/2006 8:52 pm

ok... down to the last few hours.....

i don't want a thing but you can bet come midnight ill be thirsting to death...

i prolly wont be here tomorrow... if they can find something to knock me out good and long enough. last time they went in my lung.... i woke up and the dr was "put her out put her out"

so they have it in my record... high tolerance and hopefully i wont be looking at all my guts...

wish me well ???

then a couple days later the main surgery should happen all other test results will be in and insurance is all taken care of already...

maybe ill be putting before and afters out here

i think it will be much after ones

baby cat be good for True Sir *giggle*

ok had the nails done... yes they are all mine.. just have acrylic put on them so they don't break... tell me whatcha think - dangerous maybe just a lil? *evil grin*

75231michael 41M

5/10/2006 10:59 pm

well its 12;55 hope you got something to drink.sounds like your in good spirits and im shuor this time tall get the gas mix right!! ya i like the nails, can just feel thim on my back naw,lol. t,g,c.

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