day 2 - just another day...  

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3/22/2006 7:49 am

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day 2 - just another day...

well this is day two... and i managed to make it here to do this... yeah me!

i decided yesterday to do the magazine thing seeings that i write erotic stories... maybe itll get me some feed back.... maybe..

im going to start posting my book one chapter at a time and see if it peeks anyones interest...

im also in the middle of writing a few more stories just have to get it all typed up and out of my head..

a dangerous thing to leave a slave girl alone with nothing but her thoughts *weg*

and unowned slave girl at that...

which by the way... any good Master Rights out there?? looking for a good lil slave girl ??

would be nice if it were that easy...


well im off to post the book one chapter at a time... let me know what you think...



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