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3/23/2006 8:47 am
Hot Sexual Encounter

I hope you enjoyed this past weekend as much as I did. I can't wait until we can have a recap. My dick is hard just thinking about it. How sexy you looked in your lingerie with your tits bursting out of your brassiere, your beautiful nipples peaking through the lace. How hot your ass looked through the thong panties you were wearing. How pleasantly shocked I was when I found out that you had shaved off all your pubic hair.

I loved eating your pussy. I think I could have just done that all night. Your pussy was so eager and swollen. So very sensitive to the touch that even my breath appeared to send tremors throughout your body. I remember how sweet your juices tasted on my fingers. How your body seemed to yearn for more. How chills seemed to go through your body when you felt me get close to your pussy my breath teasing you with immanent pleasure. How you instantly grabbed my head and pulled it hard into your pelvis when I finally began sucking on your swollen lips. How I pulled them apart so that I could go deep into your pussy with my tongue, rubbing my nose against your clit. You came repeatedly leaving the smell of your pussy all over my face. I can still smell the aroma of your pussy in the house even now and I remember how good you tasted in my mouth, how wet you where, how wonderful your moans sounded.

I remember how much louder you got when I penetrated you over and over again, taking long strokes so that you can fell the full effect of my large dick. I could feel the bottom of your pussy as I pushed deeply into you nudging the tip of my engorged dick. How you seemed to love how hard my cock was screaming for me to give it to you harder and faster. And then when you came, how good your juices tasted coming out of your pussy, how much you enjoyed me lapping them up. How excited you became when I shoved my huge throbbing dick back into your hot juicy pussy. I couldn’t believe how hard I came for you, how it dripped from your orifices, you must have been draining my come throughout the entire next day.

I have never had a woman take me the way you did. How you seem insatiable wanting me in everyway you could possibly have me. I hope your ass is feeling ok today. I was a little worried about hurting you when you asked me to put it in your ass. I hope you weren’t too sore afterward. I tried to take it easy but your raw passion didn’t allow me to. You really seemed to love feeling me push myself deep into your ass, stroking your anus with my dick. Your pussy juices made the perfect lubricant for anal penetration and there was plenty to go around. You seemed to love feeling me dip back into your pussy for more lubrication before I drove myself back into your ass. I loved seeing how my huge dick stretched out your asshole and how my come dripped out of your ass when you sat up.

I still remember how shocked you were at how much my dick grew when it got hard. How it took both your hands to reach around my dick and how the head of my dick filled your mouth full. How hot your red lips looked around my dick. How your lipstick was still on my dick afterwards. I never had a woman to be able to take all of my cock into her mouth but you were right, you could, but you did gag slightly. You must have been taking it into your throat. It was the best blow job I have ever had, hands down. The way you sucked my balls, licking up the shaft of my dick and around the head. I loved feeling your teeth gently racking across me. How slow you would take it savoring the taste of me and my juices. How you only got more excited when I began to come sucking every drop of come out of my balls. Did you like how hard I came? How I filled your mouth so full you couldn’t swallow it all. How my come spilled out of your mouth as you gagged on my juice. I know I did. I loved tasting myself in your mouth, on your lips, when you kissed me. I loved how you didn’t stop sucking my dick even after I came. It seemed as though you were trying to suck every last drop of come out of me, it felt magnificent. It was so very wonderful even the times I didn’t come later that night when you would suck my dick between position changes. Did you enjoy tasting our juices mingled about on my dick?

I wish every shower could be as nice as the one we took together that night. Seeing the water run down your body, over your breasts, dripping from your pussy lips. Watching you soap up, feeling your soapy body pressed against mine. Your tits against my back as you reached around for my dick. You had me so hot the shower couldn’t even settle that monster down. It was still hard even after having sex all night long. You couldn’t pass up such an opportunity, finding me so very hard you began to suck my dick immediately. The passion taking me over I grabbed the back of your head and began to fuck your face, finally pumping you full of my come once again. Not willing you let you go unsatisfied I lifted you up and while I dropped down. Picking you up on my shoulders leaning you against the wall I began to lap at your pussy. My dick instantly got fully hard again. I eventually took you off my shoulders and began working my way up your body, pausing at your breast to suck the water from your nipple. Your nipples were so hard, and sensitive. I pinched one between my fingers gently pulling and twisting as I continued sucking the other. I then cupped it inside my hand and continued to move up to your neck. Kissing on your neck and nibbling on your ear I turn you around and bent you over. Placing my hands on your hips I then began to pump your pussy full of my dick. One hand reaching around to grab your tit while the other held on to your shoulder to help push myself deep into you. The water pouring over our bodies as I pleasured you yet again, your moans echoing in the shower, your knees going weak I pulled out and picked you up into my arms again only to slide you down onto my dick. Pinned against the wall I pressed myself into you. In your pleasure you bit into my shoulder arousing me even more making my dick get even harder inside you. Your nails cutting into my back pulling at my hair your pleasure seemed almost too much for you to handle. You finally let out this huge orgasm that sent juice streaming down my shaft. Your pussy grabbed a hold of my dick so hard that all I could do was grind in deep inside of you for the time being. When the orgasm finally passed I quickly began pumping myself in and out of you yet again. We both quickly realized that you only thought the orgasm had passed. After several orgasms I finally let you down off the wall. I sat down on the edge of the tub and you backed up onto my dick. Pushing against the bathroom wall you began to fuck the hell out of me. I reached around to the front of you to feel myself going into you. You brought one hand off the wall and began caressing my balls. The water from the shower had gotten cold by now but I really don’t think either of us noticed or cared. Watching you in the mirror I could see the pure look of ecstasy across your face. This was enough to bring me to climax. I began to moan loudly my dick probably grew another inch inside of you veins throbbing, when you realized what was happening you quickly pulled off and turn around craving the taste of my come. My release was dramatic spraying all across you. You paused, mouth open, and tongue out, waiting for the next explosion that was sure to come and so it did two more times to be exact. Licking my juices from your face and rubbing them into your breasts as the last of my come trickled out over you. I couldn’t believe how far my come shot out. It must have been three feet and for me to have done that so many times you really had me worked up.

I hope you enjoyed reliving this past weekend as much as I did just now. I know you always liked having sex with me over email I hope you were disappointed by the real thing. Now at least we can have a slight personal touch when reading each others responses. Let me know what you thought about this weekend hopefully it was as good for you as it was for me. I’m still basking in the after glow.

Thanks for taking a chance,
BTW -- How many times did we go at it that night 5? 6? Not to mention all the oral sex. You were great!

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