The River  

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12/30/2005 3:15 am

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The River

The weather was hot and sticky. I was tingling with anticipation of another first meeting. I was like a school girl on prom night who had a blind date. I had seen pictures of Stan but I found pictures never do anyone justice. I check my hair as I pull into the cafe parking lot. Yes, the lipstick in place, the clothes revealed just enough to peak curiosity.

I walk into the cafe with confidence in my stride. I had come a long way since my first encounter with a man I had not known. The sexual desire was building inside of me. Damn it was hot. The setting sun was offering no relief. Ah there he is, waving for me to come over. I slide into the seat before him. My head tilted slightly down, my eyes raised. Stan smiled back. He was very gregarious. I was put at ease. Like with any first meeting the conversation soon turned to small talk. Yes it was quite warm we both agreed. Stan said he knew a place not far from the cafe that we could go to for a dip. A dip would be nice. Cool off some.

I drove- the conversation light. The anticipation growing as we drove down a tree lined lane. I could hear the river running in the distance. "have you ever skinny dipped?" Stan inquires of me. I had to admit that no I had not, unless bathing naked was considered skinny dipping. No a bathtub could not be. The lane ended with a large open area, secluded from the rest of the world. We had not gone far and yet I felt as if the world had melted away. I was nervous as I felt someone might stumble onto us. Nope- Stan assured me-this was his place, no one would be coming back here.

Stan laid a blanket out before us. He slipped his shirt off and came to me. "Here let me undress you. Tonight is your night for pleasure". I listened to the crickets as Stan began to undress me. Stopping to kiss me. Long, passionate kisses. Our tongues intertwining. Stan caressed my breasts as I stood there in the evening air exposed. The fact that I was half naked and that I might get caught heightened my senses. Stan bent down and took my one breast into his mouth and began to suck my nipples. My back arched automatically. His tongue swirling around my hardening nipple. His hand cupped my other breast as he took my nipple between his forefinger and thumb and gently twisted it. I reach for his pants wanting to give him pleasure. "No" Stan whispered gently, " this is your night". I wanted to feel what lay beneath his chinos growing harder against my body. But Stan reached down instead and pulled my Capri's from my body and exposed my lower half to the world. There I stood my naked body glistening in the rising moonlight. Stan walked around me stopping to caress my ass cheeks, sliding a finger into my waiting pussy. Fingering me and caressing my breasts from behind I pushed against him. His manhood was rock hard and I so wanted it. But waiting was adding to the emotion and desire building up inside of me.

Stan disrobed and gently grabbed my hand, leading me into the cool river. I felt fish brush against my leg. "lie back, I have you" Stan gently urged me. I obeyed. Floating on my back, letting the cool water rush over my body. Stan supported me with one arm while the other hand swept across my body. The chills ran through my body. The combination of his soft touch and the river water brought me to another place. Stan parted my floating legs and caressed the inside of my thighs. Ah, I let out a low moan. The stars just beginning to come out. Stan reaches my labia and gently caresses them,while bending down to take my breast into his mouth. I lay back, closing my eyes not wanting to miss any of the sensations. Stan slips a finger into me. I arch my back and let out a low moan as he begins to move it in and out. Then at my urging he slides another and then another finger inside me, moving them in rhythm with the gently moving river. I cum in waves. Orgasm building upon orgasm. I reach up and put my arms around Stan's neck gently crying. It was wonderful. My body shakes from the experience. Stan leads me to the river edge where I drop to my knees ready now to give him back some of the pleasure he so willing gave to me. I take him into my waiting mouth. My tongue wraps around his rock hard cock. I caress his balls. He leans into me. His cock touches the back of my throat. He lets out a low moan of pleasure. I can hear the birds rustling in the trees behind me and the river gently lapping on the bank. Together we become one. He leaning into me. Me sucking his cock until his back arches and he releases himself into my eager mouth. His hot cum cascades down my throat. The perfect ending to a perfect evening.

We dress in silence. Neither wanting to spoil the moment. We climb back into my car. I drive him back to his place. He leans over and kisses me. I have to smile.

rm_Voyager1989 57M
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1/5/2006 8:18 pm

What beautiful memories of a beautiful night! Thanks for sharing.

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