do you want me to be your 24/7 sex slave in your city?  

imnatalie 61M
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5/13/2006 2:55 am
do you want me to be your 24/7 sex slave in your city?

recently i've had this pervasive thought, fantasy, dream, thrill, that wakes me with my 8" erection full and rock hard. as i get ready to look for a job in another city like nashville, knoxville, little rock, atlanta, asheville, st. louis, etc. i keep thinking that there must be a man of means that could support me as i run my current business from his home (i write software) and work for him or his company as a business automation or information management guy and as his personal 24/7 sex kitten. giving him all the attention his wants and needs while he enjoys me constantly being sexy, touching myself, bathing, showering, fucking myself, oiling my cock, nude sun bathing, wearing little thongs, exercising, squirming and moaning and longing for him between my legs and his hands all over me as he wishes. what a dream. are you there? im ready for you in my life. write me if your wanting such a man in your life. ~ aka natalie

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