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imme728 48F
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11/19/2005 10:20 pm

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2/21/2008 10:29 pm

people on here

I know this is an AdultFriendFinder but the problem I am having is no one is acting as an adult at least the ones that is contacting me so would the adults please stand up

GenuaFoursHangs 54M
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11/21/2005 7:30 am

Hi Imme728,

I can understand your frustration and feel your pain. I have met with some of the exact issues you have stated.

I am about action, and it seems a lot are about talk. Go figure?


davexxx11 66M
109 posts
11/25/2005 6:54 pm

Yes! I agree with you. There are a lot of immature people on this website. However, for every thrity or so immatureidiots you do cum across 1 or 2 mature adults. Kind of makes it worthwhile.

I'm standing up if your interested.

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