Its Been a Hetic Life  

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11/22/2005 3:42 pm

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Its Been a Hetic Life

I haven't posted a new post in awhile. Its BEEN Hetic lately. Holidays are fast approaching with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

This made me do a little reflection on the people I have lost contact with over the years.. I wonder what they are doing.. what they are up to.. etc...

There is one person I wish I would've stayed in contact with .. We lived on opposite sides of the city where I grew up.. Literally.. She lived one end of the major street and I lived on the other.. We started to go out on dates and then I found out I was moving .. Funny thing is.. She found out she was moving to.. Same city. .and again.. Opposite Sides of the city... So, we dated until the time I decided on a college in San Francisco... And we broke up.. On good terms.. Because the long distance thing never works the way the other person wants it to work.. First year.. I would drive back down to Southern California for vists on the weekend and we would hang out with each other .. She became not just an ex GF, but my best friend.. but as time marched on .. Visits became less frequent.. Phone calls became less frequent.. and altogether .. contact became less frequent.. Every other year we would call around Christmas.. see what the others been up to.. then Contact Ceased altogether around my 9th year living in San Francisco... I miss her.. She had a smile and laugh that would just make you feel warm inside.. always would try to pick you up when feeling down... After my 10th year of living in San Francisco.. a Job Opportunity arose and I moved to Arizona... after my 3rd year of living here... I wanted to get back into contact with her.. see how she was doing.. She how her career as a lawyer was going.. see if she got married.. What went on during the absence of time we lost contact with each other.. then came the shell shock.. Found out earlier this year in March she was killed in a headon Collision.. I was shocked.. devasted... and very sad.. I didn't think I would react the way I did since we haven't talked to each other for a long period of time... I made a visit back to Southern California .. gave my respects to her parents and to her grave.. There will never be another person like her and I will miss her.. So, rest in peace Jennifer..

All, I can say is life is never too busy to keep in contact with the people you cherish in your life.. I unfortunately made it too busy..

But, life goes forward.. and I do have many happy memories of her to make me smile.

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