Sunday morning waiting for farm report!  

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4/22/2006 11:10 pm
Sunday morning waiting for farm report!

When I lived in Michigan back in the day, we kids would wake up around 6 am on sundays. We'd grab a box of cheerios and munch in front of the TV. Problem was that the first show in the morning was the farm report . . . boring . . . we struggled through that and then . . . Davy and Goliath . . . also boring . . . always working toward the moral of the story . . . it was like watching the Flanders. The pace picks up a bit . . . breathless expectations . . . a cartoon! Yup, good 'ol Crusader Rabbit. There were only three stations and we were ecstatic when PBS came on the air. We may be able to see bare-chested African women! Be on your toes and pay attention, you never knew what you'd see on National Geographic!

Well it's early Sunday morning again and there's no moral to this story. I have been in touch with some of the finest ladies I've ever seen. With some, I just stare at their pic and lap up their beauty. Maybe one of these days I'll actually get to meet some of them . . .

Forums? I don't know how the ladies can cope--there's 10x more women than men. I suppose it's a little like Custer and all the Indians. Or going to a party with the lacrosse team. Ouch! That was unecessary. I can't handle the forums. I have empathy for the ladies so I can't watch.

Webcams? That would be great! My favorite ladies face-to-face! Sigh . . . Alas, my iSight web cam doesn't work so hot for that particular application! Works great with . . . see below.

Anyway, Ladies, if you're looking for a trustworthy guy who will treat you with respect and dignity, both in and out of bed--I'm your guy. If you have beauty and brains then you're the one for me.

aim, mokraak, ichat, mokraak, msim, twirth5 at hotmail, SMS, five eight five two hundred fourteen twenty seven. I can use aim on my Sidekick. We could chat all day and into the night. Want to be adored at work? aim is the way to contact me.

I adore you all!

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