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4/23/2006 2:53 pm

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On my mind . . .

It's a beautiful day in the burbs and what am I doing? Sitting in my room and reading "team of rivals" by one of my faves--Doris Kearns Goodwin. I also admire Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC who should've married me instead of Alan Greenspan--yeah right . . .

My room is loaded with all the latest technology--a badass PC for gaming, wireless networking, Dolby 7.1, streaming music box that can play from the internet or my music library on one of my servers and a high-zoot LCD monitor/TV that I never watch.

I can't stand the insidiousness of TV and then there are the assinine commercials--one after another ad infinitum/nauseum. Radio is the same way. It's really, I mean really hard to find a station that plays the music that I like--then there are the moronic commercials that rival those on TV. It all insults me.

So here I sit, reading and listening to my nano that is loaded with songs from every CD I've ever purchased. I also have a Rhapsody account that I have programmed to my liking. Sunday afternoon spent with the right woman could change my habit.

Speaking of Rhapsody, for six months plus I've been forced to endure Jack Johnson's face--he is one of the most popular musicians on the site. I listened to his music one time to see what the fuss was and came away nonplussed. It was so flat and droning it makes me wonder if anybody remembers James Taylor, the best singer songwriter in the business. It's not because of nostalgia because I also listen to booming hip-hop and acid jazz when I ride in my car ( no, I'm not one of those kidiots whose thumping bass can be felt on Venus).

What's going on kids? You listen to the latest pop groups who admittedly repackage the songs and style of some of the great artists of yesteryear. Even more bewildering is the popularity of the pop idols of the day--Brittany, Jessica, Lindsey (I love Jennifer Lopez so lets keep her out of this), whose personas were invented simply for market appeal. Most of them don't write or sing as evidenced by Ashley Simpson's mega faux pax on SNL.

This gets me going on another topic. I watch classic movies from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Why? Well those movies feature some of the most beautiful women ever to walk this earth (Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Katherine Hepburn, Audreetc.) . Guys, you're nuts with this Fast and Furious 3x and Lethal Weapon 19. Wake up and enjoy some real talent and beauty. If you're on this site, you must love beatiful women. For starters, try "Grand Hotel" with both Garbo and early Crawford (absolutely stunning). Artisans all.

I include Marilyn Monroe on my list of favorites for a number of reasons but real beauty wanes from there. All by herself, she started a blonde revolution that continues to today where there are 9 million blondes among us (that's just in NJ for heaven's sake!). After all "blondes have more fun." Hogwash. I should've gone into the peroxide business. Ever wonder why blondes have a reputation for being dippy? It's simple--it's called peroxide poisoning.

Which brings me to the actresses of today day. My favorite is Cate Blanchett who has a magnetic screen persona and ageless beauty. I've also come to appreciate Sandra Bullock, who is very beautiful but walks to the beat of her own drummer. What do these two beauties have in common? Think hard now--come on--NO implants, another topic in itself. These fine ladies are truly role models for the girls today--not those half-dressed "blondes" with their two-week marriages, plastic surgery and implants.

OK, my active mind is always racing and I have one more topic of interest to AdultFriendFinder members. Every once in a while I stumble upon the profiles of other AdultFriendFinder guys who seem to think that their dicks are their most interesting feature. Guys, I hope that some of the ladies agree with me--it's what it's attached to that counts. Same thing with some ladies--I don't want to see your vagina in my face unless it's right in front of me. Do you have something to hide?

IMO, some of the most beguilling ladies on this site are pictured fully clothed. Maybe it's just me but the Stacy's and topredjersey's of the world just knock me out. So beautiful and so refined that their images haunt me. Ladies young and old, think about that. Two beautiful fully-clothed women who are comfortable enough with themselves that they don't need to go "cheesecake." Oh, did I mention that these sexy ladies have obviously taken the time to take care of themselves--and it's paid off in droves.

Guys, if you want to see beautiful blonds, take a look at Scandinavian movies (NOT PORN) where the women are pure unadulterated (and gorgeous) blondes. I recommend "my life as a dog" for starters. Think you could sit through that? I know that all of the ladies could--get my point?

One last thing . . . I never could have dreamed that writing a blog that nobody reads could be so theraputic. CYA soon I hope!

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