My blogging adventures and the missing post  

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5/2/2006 8:08 pm

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My blogging adventures and the missing post

<<<<<Mystique Girl

Curtain Rises
(Man in Tuxedo struts onto stage) "Good evening ladies and gentleman. Tonight's show tells "The Tale of the Way, Way, Way . . . Wayward Post" . . .
Curtain Closes
The band exicitedly plays fanfare
Curtain Rises
Scene 1 - Man crouched over the kitchen counter energetically pecking away on a grimy generic PC keyboard. Man logs into AdultFriendFinder and expresses his glee("Whoo hoo, would you take a look at that!" ), man wipes solbber off his chin with a dirty dishcloth. The Man takes a deep breath, gets down to business and updates his blog.
Scene 2 - Man realizes that his last post is MIA*. Man feigns surprise! Man sits up and snaps his head back - "Doh!"
Scene 3 - Man sits down on a stump and scratches his skull. Man holds chin in one hand, closes his eyes and furrows his brow as he wracks his brain for an answer.
Scene 4 - Man stands up, clutches his chest and slowly gazes skyward. Man emotes: "Curses, the Kontent Kops have interecpted my subversive post, Oh where oh where has it gone?" . . .
Scene 5 - Man smacks himself on the forehead, slowly bends to one knee, clasps his hands as if he where praying, looks skyward and says and whines "Whoa is me . . . Dearest diety, what have I done to have me suffer so?" Stage darkens
Sunset the day after . . .
Scene 6 - Man plucks a sackcloth from a pig trough. Man removes his clothes and dons the sackcloth. Man flogs himself with chains as he walks away into the sunset.
Stage fades from burnt amber to darkness
Clapping commences
Man makes curtain call
More clapping and cheers
Curtain Falls . . .
*Missing In Action

Peace . . .

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