Like moths to the flame . . .  

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5/6/2006 12:15 am

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Like moths to the flame . . .

2 am Saturday morning . . . it's so quiet and peaceful and all of the local fauna have taken shelter from the night . . . It's 2 am in the morning and just about everybody who's anybody is online! What are we doing? Whatever, I think it's fun.

I enter the house . . . it is dark . . . I stumble over things on the floor as I wander about. As I round a corner, I swear that I saw a man with a light blue face staring into a video monitor. I blinked my eyes a few times and nobody was there.

On my way out, I brushed past the PC on the floor . . . I could feel the warmth . . . hmmmmm

So, it's after 2 am. We're online. Do we need relationships or what!! Sometimes I think that like we're all alike-- too shy/nervous to write an email.

Yet another good night kiss for you . . .

I quietly slip out the back door and into the night. I cut diagonally through two back yards and come out on a quiet street. I make a left and briskly walk a block to the home of my lover.

I quietly enter the rear door. I know where I'm headed, I could navigate to my lover's bedroom wearing a blindfold! It's simple enough--follow the fragrance . . .

I pad my way through the house. I know where the floor squeaks. I know where the stairs creak. I know the doors that squeak.

I walk into my lover's bedroom and gingerly close the door behind me. It is very quiet. You could hear the ticking of the clock on the mantlepiece . . .

I enter her room and linger momentarily when I smell her unique fragrance--a fragrance like no other. I walk across the room to her bedside. She is wearing a lovely silk night gown. Loosely fit, I stare at the outline of her breasts as she sleeps. I gently stroke her hair. I kiss the palms of her hands.

She rouses, slowly opens her eyes and sees a shadow above her. She hesitates . . . who's that! Once she realizes that it's me, she lays back down and parts her lips. I bend over and kiss them . . . voraciously. After several minutes, it is time to go. As I walk to the door, I glance back and see her angelic smile in the darkness. . . I stop and lean against the door frame. I watch her breasts rise and fall as she breathes. Her breathing slows . . . It is still . . . I watch her drift back into sleep . . .

Now that's a GOOD NIGHT kiss!

I wish all the pretty ladies a good night's sleep! If you need help with that, please remember that I LOVE to make house calls!

Call me.

Warmest regards,

Peace . . .

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