Girls on girls  

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4/25/2006 11:49 am

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Girls on girls

Damn! It seems like 3 out of 10 very beautiful women are looking for another woman. I suppose that've had an ugly situation with some lout in the past. They're a dime per dozen.

Hey! I like to be gentle and love long foreplay too! And, as I've stated before (I think), don't have to copulate in order for me to be satisfied.

Man, a sex change wafts through my skull every once in a while. On second thought my shoulders are too damn broad . . . Sigh . . .


iluvallladies 65M

4/25/2006 5:42 pm

Thanks MsBettyCrocker (great handle). Does it make you hot? lolol I used "wafts because it implies that the skull is empty. I have an idea for a book--"Good Grammar Attracts Good Women--A Primer for Guys of all Ages." How about "Grammar for Dummies--How to String Words Together that will Increase Your Chances of Getting Some."

I have another great idea! Why don't we hook up so you can help me out with the weekly menu!

Peace . . .

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