A Wet Woman is Good to Find  

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1/28/2006 5:02 pm

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A Wet Woman is Good to Find

Ever found yourself standing under a warm or hot shower after a long, hard day of work that left you nearly exhausted? Recall how refreshing the hot water was to your tired body. Recall how you could hardly bring yourself to leave the water. Recall how rejuvenated you were once you stepped out of the shower.

That’s how it feels to me when I find a wet woman! When I put my lips between her lips and the flow begin to run into my mouth and the flavor pours out like lava from a volcano, I come alive like a blossoming tree. As we exchange juices and fluids, I feel myself being recharged as if electricity were flowing through my veins.

Yes, a wet woman is every man’s dream. Well, at least my dreams are fulfilled when I feel her exploding inside my explosion. When I taste the climax on the buds of my tongue, I realize that I’ve had a taste of the divine nectar that only comes from below the waistline. Yes, the love garden is where I like to dwell.

The wetness is like the soft spring rains that saturate the earth. Like the dew that is born in the wee hours of the morning that glimmers with the morning sun. Like the mist that fills the air as it flows over the ocean waters. Like the streams of cold water that spawn the life of strong-willed fish. Like the pouring rain that makes the flowers grow. Like the showers from a water fountain that shoot up into the air and fall gracefully in the pool.

A wet woman is all that and a box of chocolates encasing the perfect red cherry that floats in the cream.

Yeah, a wet woman is good to find. And that’s what I want. A wet woman who wants me, too.

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