A Grateful Heart  

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1/22/2006 7:05 am

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A Grateful Heart

I know this isn't the most likely place to speak of anything remotely spiritual, but here goes. It is Sunday & have a grateful heart. In fact, I try to live with a grateful heart everyday. Grateful that I am liberated from various forms of bondage that exist throughout the world. Grateful that the Almighty has graced me with a life full of love and good fortune. Grateful that I have a good head and mind and soul.

Even though I've yet to meet anyone on this site, I'm grateful that I get to encounter people here. It's another avenue that I can explore; who knows what will happen? I surely don't. Not even worried about it, to be truthful.

The heavens opened up last night and I saw... Just kidding, not going down that road! Actually, happy that it rained here and provided the ground and all that depends on it some moisture.

Speaking of which, I could use some moist _____! Well, I'm not going there either in this post. But it is a good feeling to experience rain, again. I was just posting on the beautiful weather yesterday. It is even more beautiful to have a balanced weather effect. Too much of a good thing could lead to spoil.

Yes, I'm glad that the Observer is watching me this and every morning. It is a beautiful thing to be seen on a daily basis. It is even better to be known. For this, I have a grateful heart.


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