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iknowwhatiwant35 52F
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7/23/2006 7:25 am
naughty girl

So, I have a dilema - I love being a naughty little slut, and somehow, hubby doesn't want to "disrespect" me, the gentleman that he is!! So, what's a slut to do? Meet that incredibly sexy man who knows how to touch a part of her she's longing to have used...a few drinks, intense conversation sets the stage and it's a feeling of relief that someone gets me!! Since my house is not an option and he doesn't know the area, it's up to me to get creative...We drive to my childhood stomping ground, which consists of this huge house that looks like a castle with a big, tall stone tower in the back...The area is somewhat illuminated, and houses are within viewing distance. My sexy man knows just what to do..."Turn around and put your hands on the wall" he commands as he slides his hand between my legs to find no panties under my mini-skirt. Now, I'm not exagerating, it takes all of 30 seconds for him to make me squirt, the wonderful warm liquid running down my bare legs...he spanks me and tells me what a good slut I am for squirting so quickly as he makes me squirt again and again...spanking, pulling my hair, talking in my ear about my pussy and my legs are shaking, my shoes are soaked..."Turn around baby, hold on to me" he urges, and I obediently wrap my arms around his neck while he supports me as my body explodes...I had no idea I had so much liquid up there in my pussy!!! Now, he was wearing a suit, minus the jacket, and he shows me his shirt sleeve which is wet up to the elbow, "Sorry" I pant, and both of us know I'm not!! I manage, with his support, to stumble over the grass to the car, which is parked semi privately but certainly can be seen if someone was looking...We get in and I eagerly suck his cock, loving the taste, the smell...He yanks me by my hair to slow down or speed up my sucking...I'm wiggling and going to cum just from sucking him, but don't really want to squirt all over his nice car!! He tells me to get out and bend over the hood of the car...He rams his cock into my pussy and I can barely stand the pleasure of it...I lay my head down on the hood, even though it's still very hot, I could care body is his to fuck to his contentment...which he does until he puts me back in the car and I suck and suck until he's finally ready...holding my head down on his cock while he shoots his cum in the back of my throat. All that on a tuesday!! Yummm.

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