Not for the faint of heart!  

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9/10/2006 8:34 am

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Not for the faint of heart!

So, I'm late and shifting from "mommy" mode to sex toy mode, changing into my heels and mini-skirt in my minivan!! I meet Darker in a hip bar on south street...and for the next two hours we have the most challenging and interesting conversation...being a researcher, he knows just the questions to ask which will enable him to push my limits and boundaries, merging his fantasies with mine...I'm crazy but I trust him...I suck his cock at every red light from the bar to the his place in center city (I'm driving!) We get out and walk down the street and he plays with my pussy as I walk...given the short skirt and no panties, all the talk had made my pussy dripping...He walks me by a basketball court and comments he's disappointed there's no one playing...I get a little nervous as to what he has in mind, but I love that he's creative and adventurous and this is what I've been craving...he takes me to an alley, grabs a nearby chair and has me sit...he pulls up my shirt and exposes my breasts, spreads my legs and starts fingering my drenched pussy...squirt is flying everywhere...I can't remember if I'm loud or not, I probably am because when I open my eyes, there are three men standing around watching...close enough for a good view, but far enough I'm in the alley...I cum many many times until Darker decides it's enough show for tonight, and tells the men this...I follow him on weak legs until he pulls me into a grassy side yard of someone's house...he bends me over a short wall and fucks me...he grabs me by the hair and tells me to shut the fuck up, i'll awake the neighbors....He tells me to strip...Strip? I say, in the middle of center city in a yard?!? I do as I'm told and he lays me down and fucks me, covering my mouth and slapping me if I get too loud...When he stands up he makes me look at his pants, which are soaked by my squirt...Oops, I say sheepishly. Fully clothed he takes me back to his place...ah, a moment, well, just a moment of rest before he takes me to his bed and pulls out rope...I'm naked and restrained...somehow, this is more terrifying than the alley, even though I've been in this position before...He's calm and soothing and mean all at the same time...He puts clothespins on my nipples, then one on my clit, which makes me freak out...I beg for it to be taken off but instead he fucks me with it on, I'm screaming in pleasure and pain, and he knows it because my pussy is dripping...I beg and beg - If you've ever been in this situation you know how good it feels to beg and be reassured that I am not going to get my way whenever I want it. I beg more, but no, he tells me, I can take it and he'll take it off when he feels like it. Yes, I say, and start crying...I've found most men give in at the first beg, but certainly at the sight of tears, but Darker knows...he rubs my hair and lays next to me, reassuring me, calming me, until I'm calmed and then he fucking takes the clothes pin off and the blood rushes to my clit and I think I'm going to pass out but I don't and he slowly fucks me and it feels sooooo good...I'm kinda in oblivion and don't remember exactly getting dressed and him walking me to my car...I can't seem to focus on much other than my swollen, throbbing clit (which remains that way for about 24 hours!!) Oh, and Darker, are you going to give me back my bra?!?

ZZ_Todd 60M

9/10/2006 4:15 pm

Well, this settles it! I've been holding a hard-on most of the afternoon reading all these juicy and delightful women's posts... and now I'm just leaking too much! Yep... time to masturbate!

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