Interracial night at TJ's  

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3/11/2006 11:03 am

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Interracial night at TJ's

Wow, did I need that!! As I mentioned before, I'm newly separated and am used to regular (daily) sex, and now have to squeeze in as much fun as possible in the limited free time I have. So, last night I rode up with my best friend of 20 years and two wonderful male friends who are funny as hell...we laughed two hours straight...As soon as we walk into the club, another old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a while grabs me by the hand and says, "I'm fucking you while you're getting changed" So off we go, and he's hard and nasty and is slapping my ass, pinching my nipples and then fucking me doggie style - all before I've even been there 20 minutes!! So he cums all over my breasts and finally lets me get changed...It's fun to see old friends and new frineds, some that I've met or talked to through AdultFriendFinder...But, after chatting with people for a while, I'm ready to go again. A man approaches me and tells me he has a prince albert and I say ok but be careful, I just had a lot of dental work done!! We go in a room and he brings another woman, who sits on his face while I suck his cock...we leave the door open so pretty soon there's a bunch of men watching, one is brave enough to join, then a second (which makes three!) I get to fuck prince albert - then see that the second guy is fucking the shit out of the other woman to the point she can't take it and I tell him to let me try and take it...Well, doggie style just makes me scream my head off so I flip over, grab the third guys cock and start sucking him while the pounder does his thing...when I finally get up I can hardly walk, my legs are shaking and my pussy is nice and sore...I see my friend D, who I met on AdultFriendFinder but haven't fucked yet, we've become nice friends...and although I was supposed to be his first (or second) of the night, I had noticed that as soon as I introduced him to my girlfriend they disappeared for a while (smile!) Anyway, we go get a room and have slow, sensual sex, kissing and carressing and taking our time exploring each other. Just what I needed!! We go back out and dance for a while until a young boy (25) who had been trying to get me all night will not be put off any longer. We go back to a room and he's surprisingly aggressive and nasty...he fingers my pussy, hard, and I start squirting (which I've only recently started to do) He catches the fluid pouring from my pussy and throws it on my face and chest...we're both soaked...he fingers me again, two fingers, then all fingers as he tries to put his whole hand inside of me...I'm screaming in the best pleasure/pain...grabbing hold of his wrist, trying, albeit not that hard, to get him to stop...wiggling and pushing and trying to both get away and go deeper at the same time! He lays me back and starts to suck my toes, then puts my feet on his cock so he can get a "foot" job...all the time he's calling me a slut and asking me how many men I've fucked and how he loves a sore, streched pussy until finally he fucks me until I can hardly breath. He pulls out and I lick his balls while he jerks off on my face. He looks down and says, wanna squirt again?!? Of course, I say, and do. At this point they had already knocked on the door to tell us it was closing time...So I haven't seen any of my friends I had come up with in hours. I go back to the room we were staying in and my friend L lets me in. I say, oh, God, L, I have to pee...which I know just drives him nuts...we go into the shower and he licks my pussy while I pee all over his face...Although he's been fucking all night too, his cock get rock hard and we roll into bed and have a nice fuck until we both are spent and happily drift off to sleep. The ride home is awesome as the four of us recount the fucking of the night before and laugh. The strange thing is...I woke up horny as hell and just want to keep fucking and fucking!! True slut, I guess!!

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3/26/2006 12:36 pm

I guess!!

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12/27/2006 6:28 pm

Great post keep em cumming

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